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FSL for Lower Body, SSL for Upper Body

Hey everyone,

Been running Wendler for sometime and recently got the “Forever” book, I am going to run FSL with 5 pros for lower body and SSL with 5 pros for upper body. Was wondering if anyone else had mixed templates this way and if so did it work well for you?


I think a good general rule is that anything in Jim’s books works because he only publishes proven templates that he has thoroughly personally tested and/or tested on others with good results.

The exceptions are full body boring but big, which he admits he had only tested for less than a year at the time of writing it, and the 6 week rest pause challenge, which he said “should work well – to be truthful, I’m still tweaking … but haven’t perfected it yet”.

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Yeah under his “combined” section of Forever it seems he is fine with mixing these kinds of templates, was jus curious if anyone had done this one

I’m kinda running a mini version of this with 1000% Awesome. It calls for 5’s Pro main lift and 5x5 @ 80-85%, and I’ve been doing 85% for upper and 80% for lower. If different lifts respond better to speed vs load and that’s why you’re doing it then you’re in good shape.

Slight derail, how do you like 1000%? Been eyeing it for awhile but haven’t pulled the trigger.

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Love it so far. Just starting the anchor this week so we’ll see how my strength does. But I’m down almost 10lbs and am in better shape than ever.

How are you setting up your accessories? Been eyeing a comeback to fullbody workouts but struggle with what to after the main work.

To prevent a further derail here, go check my log out (5/3/1 and high blood pressure in Garagerocker’s basement). I’ve got every rep of every set in there from 2019 on. Started 1000% Awesome in October I think.

Will do🤝🏻