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FSH/LH/Test Result

This is what got me put on Testosterone Replacement almost 2 yrs ago:

FSH: 2.0 0.7-11.1
LH: 3.2 .8-7.6
Test: 252 262-1593

Obviously the testosterone needed to be increased, however I am wondering if I should have gotten get an MRI with these results? The LH is little below half the normal range and FSH is within normal but low.

During this time, the NP at the endo clinic said no, we go by LH. However, I had previously read that pituitary tumors also affect GH levels and TSH levels. My TSH was pretty responsive to T4 treatment, so that plus the apparently normal levels of the others, except for GH (didnt test), led me to go along with her belief that my testicles were not producing.

We can only speculate, but if you wanted to find out if increasing lh would double your testosterone numbers you would have to trial it and see what happens.