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FSB: Former Skinny-Boy

Used to be, about 2.5 years ago, I weighed 145lbs - down from my high of 155lbs. Since then, I was laid up for a year and a half, put on 50 pounds of fat, then subsequently turned it into muscle.

As it stands, I’m 5’8" at 190lbs with around 16% bodyfat. Lost my calipers, so I’m really just eyeballing it.

Anyway, my strength is up - last DL max was 360x5 and 420x1. Don’t bench (too much room in the joint for the humerus to sit in right) and full squats are teh deadly (knee issues [which I’m working out thanks mostly to Charles Poliquin. I can actually get my ass to the floor now] and leg-length issues [left is shorter, sacrum is twisted all to hell]), but I can DL, powerclean, hang clean, and most other lifts.

Where was I going with this? Ah, yes.

I’m to a cutting cycle, a little calorie-restriction - not a lot though, since I still have a decently-paced metabolism - and HOT-ROX. The thing is, I’m a little scared of losing muscle, which hasn’t happened yet. I tend to eat a few more calories a day than I intend (to this my diet journal can attest).

My long-winded post has led me to this: I really want a bean burrito. Instead, I’ll drink this Low-Carb Grow! shake.

There, all better.

Yeah . . . that kinda looks like my post, but not really. I had a point in there.

How many of the Former Skinny Boys of the forum have a problem when it comes to cuttin’ time? I know when I first saw about 10lbs of fat not there anymore, I said “WTF?! I’m shrinking!” Then, I ran to the scale, and I had gone from 190lbs to 190lbs, but my pants were looser around the hips, tighter around the thighs.

I know I’m not the only one.

“Cutting time” happens when I stop stuffing myself full of food every five minutes (and do some hill sprints). Strength gains stop too.
It feels kind of stupid to be no where near as big as you want to be and focusing on losing fat. But hey if you’re like me you only have to cut one month out of the year anyway, right?