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Fs Increase


Hi my fs have been 105kg for a while. Do u guys have any program which can increase the fs. I think thats one of the reason I haven't been able to get a pr clean for months. Its been 95kg for a while


Im going to go ahead and say FS/BS more, 3x3/5x5. Add weight each week.


What sort of reps and sets scheme have you been doing? This will indicate what will probably work for you.

If your use to doing 5x5 then I'd say have a go at 3x3, or vice versa.

Slow and steady mate and you'll have 110-115 in no time.



Koing when I do front squat I work up to a max. Off late I was focusing on Back squat 5*5 and 3*3 each week. It seems a lot of volume actually brought my 1 rep max down currently i am struggling with 110 back squat. I have done 120 easily few months ago. When i only focused on single and double. Looking at it in a bright side volume in back squat did brought my snatch up


Okay, in that case I'd go for a heavy 3repper. Aim to add 1-2kg per session or per week. The bigger your squat number the smaller the 1-2kg is on the whole so you may not be able to do 1-2kg per session but you should be able to do that per week. You should be able to FS 92.5kg for a triple. Start there. Nail that then next time aim for 1-2kg more and build up.

Remember 1-2kg per week adds ~ 20-25kg a year, maybe more or less even as well! Imagine what you can lift when you can FS 120 for a triple...



I finished a week of doing fs everyday in the last five days I would warm up with the bar do 2 reps with 60kg and 2 with 80kg and then 3 with 92.5. Is that coorect progression koing. or should i add more sets of 3 reps


There are 2 options

Option A) F Squat everyday to a heavy single, then do 2 drop down sets of doubles
Option B) F Squat 2x a week with 72hrs rest inbetween and try to increase your 3RM 1-2kg per session

I wouldn't do triples everyday yet. Save that for Option C later on :slightly_smiling:



Thanks koing i will choose the 1st option squatting to max. i will try for 110 today lol



You MUST do the drop down doubles...drop 10kg or so and do 2reps x 2sets.

If progress has stalled for say 4-5 weeks switch it up to Option B.



When you fail on a PR clean (I'm assuming you're trying at 100kg), what happens?

Do you get stuck in the hole? Drop it forward? Or miss on the jerk?


Hi buddy. my max clean is 95kg(bw 148lbs) and I have clean and jerked 90 for 3 singles. Normally my pull is my weakness ie not getting the bar high enough. so far in my life I have never got stuck at bottom