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FRYING with Olive Oil


This summer, I went to Italy (my mother is Italian) and while there, I noticed my grandmother and aunt used olive oil exclusively for frying. They never smoked the oil, they just kept the heat low and used some old-world, small-village patience to get it done.

I noticed a lot of threads here are about consuming it raw, but I'm wondering - if you fry using olive oil, without smoking it, is it still a nutritious oil?

Right now I'm frying my eggs with PAM cooking spray (4 calories per shot), I figure the yolk has enough fat for me. I'm wondering though, if I used olive oil once in awhile, would the extra cals be worth the benefit.


THis is a shitty answer to your question, but organic virgin coconut oil is great for cooking eggs.

Read up on the metabolism benefits of MCT consumption.

Leucine powder and virgin coconut oil have led to pretty astounding physique improvements.


Care to elaborate?


Adding muscle and losing fat while off AAS for a fair bit of time now.

5+g leucine per day, around the workout usually.

2-3 spoonfulls of VCO.

Obviously the rest of my diet is pretty good.


Are the benefits still the same for those who never used AAS?

I will definitely look into VCO+Leucine. I'm doing a recomp following 18 months of lifting as heavily as possible and eating everything in site, during which I added 20 lbs of muscle and 15 lbs of fat, so what you described is interesting. So maybe it wasnt the answer I wanted but it's still useful I guess.

(BTW yes I realize there are better ways to do it, no need to admonish. I won't put on the same amount of fat next time)


Yes, probably more so if I had to hazard a guess. Gaining muscle and losing fat simultaneously is not easy to come by anymore, for me at least.

To clarify. Leucine powder and coconut oil are just additions to my diet. I dont combine them (as you may or may not have alluded to with that "+" sign) intentionally. I have no idea if there is any synergistic effect. Im just stating that leucine has been shown in studies to promote anabolsm. And the fat burning/metabolism boosting effects of MCT's is also documented in studies.


Where do you get your leucine?

I thought I heard a while back in a thread there was a shortage and most suppliers were making it out of hair and feathers so I've been pretty reluctant to buy some.


This site sells Leucine brah.


Biotest is now back in stock of leucine with structured peptides


Maybe a really stupid question, if so, sorry.

I know leucine is apparently relatively high in eggs and stuff like that. Is supplementing 5g of leucine pre-workout, different then let's say, eating 4 organic eggs pre-workout??


its pointless cooking with olive oil at a high heat anyway, it just evaporates


Kiefer writes about both leucine and MCTs a fair amount in his Carb Backloading book and includes both of them extensively in his "ideal version" of the diet, I started incorporating both of them this past week. Nothing to add at this point since I just started, just throwing it out there that Bonez isn't the only one who likes the benefits of both.


I dont know.


1 egg contains roughly 0.5g of leucine.

Therefore, to get 5g of leucine from eggs you'd need to eat 10 of them.


Ohh shit. haha thanks for the info


i'm interested in the question about using EVOO for fairly low heat frying as well.
everyone i know uses it for frying...
and i've done so since forever, too...
i'm trying to track down some coconut oil - but it is hard to find decent stuff in my parts (first lot i got turned out to be rancid). not cheap, either.


Then use clarified butter.

You can make clarified butter AKA ghee out of regular butter very easily. Look it up, my parents do it all the time.

It also has a high smoke point.


thanks. will look into that. i love butter om nom nom.


Just dont heat it up above 75 degrees celcius or else it gets poisonous


it doesn't evaporate or nor is it "poisonous" per se. It does however oxidize which can be harmful to the body.