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Frying the CNS and Recovery

At what point am I entering the zone of frying my CNS? Is it anytime I’m lifting over 90% of my 1rm? Or is it any lifting that is done to failure?
When I do fry the cns are there things that can be done to heal it quicker? Drinking more fluids? Will higher amount of nutrients like bcaas or a specific vitamin increase recovery time?

Based on this question and your other thread on this sub-forum, it just seems like you’re not using 531 correctly. You need to choose a TM that allows you to get solid, explosive reps of the prescribed amount (usually 5) for every set. You want to start too light and progress slowly. You should not need to worry about phrases like “how do I fix a fried CNS?”, and the like. You appear to be designing workouts incorrectly, but, beyond that, not applying any of the philosophy of the 531 programs to your approach to training. You should be training submaximally for nearly all of your workouts, only occasionally (and properly placed) anchor cycles are used. And even these shouldn’t leave you feeling like you need to ask questions like “will fluids fix my fried CNS?”!!

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Thanks for the reply! My cns isn’t fried. I have a meet coming up, and folks are recommending as I get closer to the date I start training closer to my 1rm. So I brought up the subject to hear other people’s experience on how hard they could push the body before frying the cns and how long for recovery etc

Also, I started the 531 back in February. Every cycle has been a success for me except the last. I’ve always increased only by the recommended amount. Ive come to the conclusion that my last cycle wasn’t a success because of my calorie cut, and I’ve cycled off creatine (only supplement I’ve taken). Its all a learning experience! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for clarifying. Because you posted in the Wendler section, I assumed it was related to running 531 programs. You might try another sub-forum to get input related to more specifically to training for a meet.

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Recovery, training and proper programing is all discussed IN GREAT DETAIL (along with PRINCIPLES being the cornerstone) in the 5/3/1 Forever book.

If you follow this, you will be fine.

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I just realized I only have the beyond edition. I’ll buy forever this week!

One of the most interesting things I learned from reading Jim’s writings is understanding the difference between “training” and “testing”. The closer you get to your 1RM the more you are testing, not training. Keep that in mind as whatever advice you are following is basically telling you to train less and test more as you approach your meet. Your meet should be the test and you are sacrificing valuable time if you give up your training leading up to your meet. Good luck.


Thank you!

follow the 8 week program for meets and you will be fine, when I do a meet I use it and have no problems

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