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Frying in olive oil- calories question?

I like to fry my veggies!=) Just wondering how to count the extra calories added from that tablespoon of olive oil I use…
If 1 cl of olive oil is 80 calories, should I add +80 cals to the total amount of calories of the veggies? Or does some calories “fry” away in the pan( don’t know how to put it good but u get my point…)?

Use your best judgement. If you put 1 tbsp in the pan, fry up your veggies and still see a lot of oil left over in the pan, then try to do your best guess. Maybe half the oil is left in the pan, so don’t count that. If all the oil looks absorbed then count the whole 130 cals in a tbsp of oil.

Hi. just to let you know, frying any food never, never reduces it’s caloric content. if anything, it will increase the calories because the veges will absorb some of the oil. so to answer your question, yes you should add the calories in to your tatal count.

JasonN is correct, it depends on how much is left in the pan. The calories will not fry away unless you are burning your oil, which is a completely different issue.