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Frying & Baking Meat

In the interview with Udo on this website, he mentions that frying food is actually toxic. I Cook my ground beef in a frying pan, is there another way to do this? I also bake my chicken. Is this bad too? If so, what is a healthier way to cook it?

I live and die by my George Foreman grill.

Didn’t Udo say in the same interview that baking and browning meats can lead to cancer? He recommeded that you boil your chicken and add a fat blend to it afterwards. Sounds nasty! I have a george forman grill and I use it a lot. I make sure I get extra fiber so all that burnt stuff from the meats don’t settle in my colon too long.

I cook my minced roo in a teflon frypan,I add water,so it kind of half fries and half boils-as long as I stir the meat around it does not get burnt this way.My favourite way to cook chicken breasts is to boil them in a big crockpot,come up nice and moist and once again they do not get burnt.

Udo actually recomends boiling, blah! However, I guess baking would be second best as long as all the good old “charring” is avoided.

BBQing and frying are the worst ways to cook
meat because those cooking methods cause
compounds known as heterocyclic amines to be
formed. These compounds are highly
carcinogenic. Boiling and microwaving are
probably the least bad, baking is probably
somewhere in between. Or you could just go
the paleo caveman route and eat it raw. :slight_smile:

I steam ~ 1lb of very lean ground beef every two days and I eat 1/2 lb each day with steamed veggies and fish oil caps.

I actually only steam the meat ~ 3/4 so that it’s still red on the inside. This way when I re-heat it in the micro wave it cooks the rest of the way. Also, when steaming, most of the fat drops off into the water. The remaining fat is rendered out when I reheat in the microwave. The remaining fat makes the veggies taste good.

You guys go ahead and eat boiled meat. Hmmm…maybe you can boil bread too like British cooking. I will eat my tasty broiled meats and live a shorter, but more enjoyable life.

I am no cook, so can someone tell me how to steam ground beef? I already bake my chicken, and I think thats ok, but currently cook my ground beef in a frying pan on the stove.

Bump. Marc, how do you steam your ground beef?

i’m with hyok. life is too short to eat boiled meat. give my a steak cooked on bbq grill and a beer or two and i’m happy.

An article in life extension mag a few issues ago had a big article on the carcinogenic compounds formed when cooking meat.They mentioned research showing that marinating in olive oil,garlic and (I think)turmeric,greatly reduced the effects of these compounds-however it was still not as safe as boiling meat.Also marinating in honey and sugar increased the amount of carcinogens.