Frustration with 5/3/1!

New to the site. I recently purchased the new Wendler 5/3/1 book, there was an error in the downloading and now they may not refund my money. I was wondering if anyone has the new book and if so could I get a copy.
This is ridiculous!

I have a hard time believing that they won’t refund your money.

I’ve done business with Elitefts countless times. Any time I’ve had an issue, they have delt with it professionally, and then Dave Tate has called or e-mailed me personally to make sure everything was to my liking.

Give them a call and ask for Jim or Dave, and I have to believe that they will make things right.

Thanks Modi, i will give them a day or so then I will give them a call. I agree with your comment, from what I have seen and dealt with in the past the guys at elitefts have been nothing short of outstanding. Thanks man!

I believe Dave has even said that one of the advantages of the e-books is you always have a backup - if your computer crashes or whatever, EFS has a record of your purchase and can send you another copy. So why bother waiting a day? If they dont know there’s a problem, they can’t fix it. Give em a call

I sent them an email through their “contact us” page on their website. I unfortunately don’t have a ton of time to call (thats why I emailed) because I am a 5th grade teacher. I will try to call them after school today. Thanks for the advice and help!

Called them, Elitefts was excellent, talked to Jim. Worked great, thanks for the advice I will be deffinately talking up both of you guys who responded to my post as well as the people at Elitefts!

At least your problem was a technical one getting the book I thought from the thread title that you were doing the program and getting bad results!

I had a problem once with a ebook , i email them, got a new one, good services and they were fast…