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Last week Wednesday whilst deadlifting I did something to my lower back. Not sure what exactly but I know it was due to me being stupid and improper form. On Friday, I was squatting and was supposed to do 5x3 at 335, which should have been pretty easy, but was only able to perform one rep so I just made the call to be done for the day. Skipped my Saturday workout as well.

Probably a stupid question but should I just go at it again tomorrow like nothing happened? I’ve just started the #30 cycle of sheiko and it calls for a few heavy singles at 370. My back feels better for the most part but last night was bothering while wrestling around with my friends.

Fuck the program, think outside the box. Don’t look at any program like it’s written in stone - if you are hurt, then you take some days/weeks off till you feel fine. Do some rehab.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked back and thought to myself, “I’m glad I trained through that injury”.

I’ve been doing a little rehab with my schools trainer along with rolling it out. I just kinda played it by ear today. Did one of the singles then stopped and skipped the second squat session. Guess I’ll just do the same on Wednesday. Not really sure what I was looking for haha I appreciate the input though

If you NEED to do something, do some squats with the bar and get some bloodflow, do a shitload of rehab work!! Foam rolling, mobility, CHECK YOUR FORM if you think it’s form related, etc! Fix it before you make it worse.

I understand you’re young and you feel invincible, but your back is nothing to fuck with! Be thankful it’s a minor injury, take care of it for a week or two and take a couple of workouts getting back into it and then hit it full throttle. Just don’t be stupid and fuck up your next six months training because you couldn’t take a week off now, ya know?

Yea I know what you mean. I was being real careful yesterday. Rehab wise I’ve been doing a lot of planks, glute bridges, stim, foam rolling and general stretching. Anything else I can do? I’m gonna post some videos of my squats and Deadlifts after tomorrow