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Frustrated With the Media?


Check out this new project:


An international news channel not beholden to corporations, governments, or advertisers? What a concept!

Check out their "birth of a network" video. Hell, all of their videos. It's the best thing to happen to the media in a long time IMO..



Very cool.

Let's see what happens.



Hey good times. Because it's kinda sad the only decent news you can watch in America is BBC.


hmmmmmm..... One person in the ad even says that it occured to him to harness the finances of war protesters to have an "independent" new source...

That sounds un-biased to me.


I dont know why anyone watches the news. People tend to have preconceived ideas anyway. Does it really make a difference? Not these days.....


Give us your money so we an have an "unbiased" news newtork.

The cost of collecting news is astronomical. They will have to collect a fortune and they will still be subject to the personal bias of the people running the network.

I accept that there is bias in much of the news. The trick is to filter out the bias and take in the facts. Not always easy.


And then they will slant the news to support the views of their biggest money contributor.


Watch CSPAN and CSPAN2. Then you can watch events as they happen (hearings, press conferences, etc) and interpret things yourself, instead of getting some talking head's second hand interpretation.


It can.


Good post. I checked out the link and will save it on my favorites and check back often. If you have Direct TV you can always stop by Link TV they have Democracy Now.

The mainstream corporate media is responsible for keeping Americans in the dark about the reckless foreign policy and political scandals of our so called leaders.


I like a website called

It has various daily highlight video clips from the news, interesting comedy bits from the Daily Show, people putting their feet in their mouth, etc. Rabid right wingers won't like it, but others may be interested.


Here is the very best post in this thread. Needed repeating. I especially like this part:

... interpret things yourself, instead of getting some talking head's second hand interpretation.

Now there's some good advice.


That is an interesting left wingnut site.


That whole site is hilarious!

The endorsements are wonderful! You should know you have a problem when Phil Donahue is a big name endorsement of your cause. I thought between Oprah, Geraldo, and Springer, one of them would've killed him (directly or indirectly). Sorry, but as a general policy, I don't partake of news and media sources endorsed by Phil Donahue.

My favorite quote:
"From my point of view, which is a conservative American point of view... The Real News is probably in a better position to be able to be unbiased because you don't have government interventions. You will not be beholden to commercial interests."
-Pamela de Maigret, Producer, Journalist and former Republican Activist

Impartial view. Hah! Unbiased and unbeholden. Haha!

$100M of "independent" financing over the next 5 yrs. hahaha!

"Democrats (67%) are the most likely to say tehy would contribute, while Republicans are the least likely to do so (27%). Independents come closer to Democrats on this with 48% saying they are likely to donate."

"Hispanics are more likely (61%) than either whites (49%) or African Americans (46%) to say they would contribute. However, intensity is on the side of African Americans, with 29% saying they are very likely to donate compared to the 17% of Hispanics and 15% of whites who say they are very likely to do so."

Hahahahahaha! It sounds like a left wing NPR which is pretty funny in-and-of itself.


I watch it all the time. Some of the best entertainment on TV today! Not that its hard to beat 90% on what is on TV.


Shhh! Not so loud, the corporate media hit squad will be after you. They don't like it when you tell people to think for themselves.