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Frustrated with Labs! HELP!


Had my labs done on 5/26/10
Test Serum 246
Free Test 7.1
Estradiaol 32.3

I was on .25 of Test E every week twice a week shots plus .15 of Liquid Adex same time twice a week. When i got the results I bumped my test up to 1/2 cc 100mgs a week in divided doese E3D and Adex to .25 same time twice a week (total once a week .50). did this for a month and a half. New labs are as follows:

Test Serum 1368
Free Test 60.8
Estradiol Serum- None Detected

Whats up with the big swings with such minor doesage increase?
Loss of strength
Soft Erections or lost Erections
Libido is ok not great
No joint pain
Some Bloat

Please where should I start at?


when was the blood drawn for both tests in relation to your T shot and Adex dose?

have you read the stickies?

have you had blood tests for anything else? Vit D, ferritin, DHEA, cortisol, Thyroid, etc.

Are you taking any other medication or supplements?


No estradiol detected?! Obviously you may be a hyper-responder.

When did you get your BW done relative to your weekly injections? Aim for midway between shots. That would be my first guess as to why there is such a huge swing but wait for KSMan's response.

Pardon my ignorance but what is ".25" of Test Enanthate and ".15" of liquid Adex?


Blood drawn between shots. I have had other blood work yes no problem with Thyroid etc. Started taking Diazide for blood pressure once in the AM before both labs were drawn. Take a multi vit.


.25ml of Test is a 1/4 cc or 50mgs test
.15ml of Adex


Just dont see how I go from 200 test level to 1300 from going up 1/4 cc a week. Or how my E goes from 34 to 0 by increasing to 2.5Ml a week?


don't mean to be a pest, but the small details really do matter.

No problems with Thyroid = TSH 0.5 and great free T4 and free T3 readings?

Blood drawn between shots = the day after your shot?

M = Shot + Adex
T =
W =
R = Shot + Adex
F = blood drawn??
Sa =
Su =

Other bloodwork is fine =
Vit D 70-90?
Ferritin around 150?
Cortisol AM = 15-20?
DHEA = 400-500 (i think)?


Get a re-test if possible.


ok so your Test-E is 200mg/ml right?

so you doubled your T dosage from 100mg (or .5ml) per week to 200mg (or 1ml) per week? a 100% bump is a huge increase.

A jump from 50mg a shot to 75mg a shot (a 50% bump) may have been better.

Same with your Adex. I don't know liquid dosing, but a 66% bump (if I calculated right) looks like it was too much, plus most docs order the wrong E2 tests. Was it the ultra sensitive?

per sticky "basic LabCorp serum E2 test or Quest Sensitive 4021x. DO NOT USE Quest ULTRASENTIVE"


Yes day after shot my blood is drawn. I dont have those labs handy but I go to a decent alternative Dr. and he told me Thyroid was good. Dont think I had Cortisol or DHEA done. Vit D was good plus I supplement Vit D 5000 IU everyday. Your not being a pest bro I need to get this straight. By the way I am a past user of steroids many years ago. Im 44 now. Just want to get my test around 900-1000 and E to 20. Maybe my blood draws ARE the problem but at least we know this last one was right after a shot so can we deal with those numbers? Where to go from here. Like next shot which is due today as we speak. No more Adex I would presume and if thats the case isnt there gonna be a big rebound?


Basic Lab Corp. All it ever says on the order is Serum Estradiol. Yes you are right about the amounts. So what to do for today? Suggestions? Sorry your not right about the amounts the last lab was I was taking 100mgs a week in diveded doeses E3D. Adex .50 total per week. This is a normal protocol 100mgs test= .50ml or 1/2mg of Adex week.


moderate slow steps are critical.

No stopping or starting anything at full strength.

Why not cut back slightly on both and see how you do?

maybe something like 75mg E3D shots and 0.2ml Adex?

It is best practice to get copies of all of your blood tests and do you own research to see if you agree with the doc. Just read through the stories here to see how many docs are misinformed or misguided.

You can post your test results using this free file share site. You can password protect your docs - just make sure to remove your name from all of them, and your name from the properties window (I almost missed that one when I posted). We can then scan over them and offer more insight.


getting a full picture is usually best - if you have problems with T and E, then more than likely you have problems in other areas - per the blood test sticky.

Also I am on 15,000iu of D3 daily and only have D3 levels of 60 (70-90 is ideal I believe) - just because you are on 5,000iu D3 doesn't mean you are where you need to be.


OK 75mgs a week test E. What about the Adex should I let my E rebound a little since I have none? Give me a list of other things to test for and Ill ask him to order it and Ill post it all up. Oh yea how fast will E rebound and how long does it take to get it down? Thanks


also, 75mg is just a random call from a random guy on the internet. Do what you (and your doctor) feel is best for you.

how fast things change all depends on your unique genetic code. I adjust almost instantly. Others take a couple of weeks. Plus if the wrong test was run, the results are pretty meaningless.

Some recommend taking a short break then starting with the lower dose. Some say just start the lower dose now and adjust slower but steadier.

The blood test recommendations are all in the sticky blood test post at the top of the forum.


So is the Serum Estradiaol by Lab Corp the right test? Doesnt say E2 or E3??


weird the site is messing up. Your posts above were not there when I first posted.

to be honest, I'm actually not a 100% clear on the whole "correct" E2 blood test thing myself. I have a hard enough time just convincing doctors to run 90% of the tests I think I need.

Hardasnails or Ksman would have to speak up about that.

so what was your dosage in mg only for your first test, and what mg dosage for your second test?


Here are all of the labcorp tests:

004515 Estradiol
140244 Estradiol, Sensitive
004614 Estriol, Serum


I vote for LabCorp bungled the E2 test. This has happened before.

Your symptoms are screaming too much E2. Your anastrozole dose is 1/2 of what you are expected to need.

Please report T doses in mg's, never ml's. I have no idea what you are doing.
Report total T dose per week and then report divided dose details such as twice a week, EOD etc.

Test 1/2 way between injections.
If you change day of test, that alone will change [FUBAR] the results.
Testing the day after injecting will produce spiked TT levels, that is why we advocate for twice a week or more often.

Get and retain your lab reports. We never want to hear "my doc said normal". Can we see the thyroid data?

Stay on 100mg/week T. Take 1.0mg anastrozole per week in divided doses. Consider dosing T and anastrozole more often. Retest E2 in 4 weeks. Target for E2 is serum E2=22pg/ml

Test E2 on your own if need be. LEF.org supplies LabCorp testing.


just as a side note because I also misread it at first. Mikey gives weekly amounts, but then goes on to say that he is shooting twice weekly.


UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!! I have revised the entire post please review it again!!

Ok Had my labs done on 5/26/10
Test Serum 246
Free Test 7.1
Estradiaol 32.3

I was taking one shot of 50mg of test E per week and .25mg of Adex once a week. The test shots were not in divided dosees but the Adex was. My blood test was taking the day before my next shot so 5 days after intial shot. I decide to up my dose to 100mg a week taken E3D and the Adex was .25 E3D also. Had blood drawn 2 days after injection and here is where we are now. Sorry for the mix up but thats another side Ive been having is mental clarity.

Test Serum 1368
Free Test 60.8
Estradiol Serum- None Detected

Whats up with the big swings with such minor doesage increase?
Mental clarity
Loss of strength
Soft Erections or lost Erections
Libido is ok not great
No joint pain
Some Bloat

After giving this alot of thought and study this is what the clearer picture is. Sorry for all the confusion and god bless you guys for helping!