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Frustrated Olympic Lifter, Need Help


Hi, I've been lurking around T-Nation for a few years now. And I've read every article that somehow will help me be a better athlete.

I competed in Olympic Weightlifting from 2008-2011 for my university, and fell in love with the sport. On Aug 2013, I did an internship, and got back into OW by joining a Crossfit gym because I had more free time. My totals got better in just 5 months, and I could do stuff that I never thought I was capable of doing. Still, I'm not in love with CF, my shoulder tendinitis (on both shoulders) hates any hi-rep overhead movement. I as diagnosed with tendinitis when I was 16, with already 8 years of softball and 6 years of basketball

I'm frustrated, because regardless of the amount of weight I can explosively lift, my body doesn't show that. And all this time, I've been getting stronger better, and faster, but my body just looks normal. I think I even look fat, so I wanna do something about it, and I dunno where to start.

Below are my totals, or personal bests:

Deadlift: 285 lbs
Back Squat: 300 lbs (1 RM ass to grass)
Front Squat: 240 lbs
Snatch: 70 kg around 155 lbs (this is my bodyweight)
C+J: 90 kg around 195 lbs
Bench Press: 115 lbs
Military Press: 135 lbs

I posted this, so you'll have an idea of where I'm at. My problem is surely diet, I'm from Puerto Rico, and here the food is mostly rice some kind of meat, beans and fruit...like bananas, avocados, plantains. I'm also a student, and I can only train around 4 times a week, for 1 hour. I do HIIT on the weekends.

So, I am asking for advice on dieting and supplementation, so I can maintain my current lifts, or get them better and look like the athlete I believe I am. Also any workout suggestions

Thank you all, I'm looking forward to reading your responses.


Maybe add some isolation movements in. I didnt begin to see the changes I wanted until I added in some bodybuilding type movements.


70kg snatch, I’m jealous! You gotta have some muscle in there alright for moving that kind of weight.

But I agree with coyotegal, you might want to mix in some other types of exercises. If you want to stick to the usual o lifts there are some good articles on here like https://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/olympic_lift_variations_to_get_big. Do some searching around on the site as I’ve seen other posts with questions you are asking.