Frustrated No Boyfriend or Children Yet

It frustrates me that I’m 32 years old but I still haven’t found a boyfriend or had kids of

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Go to a nice restaurant that has a bar, at like 3:45 in the afternoon.

Look for a well dressed guy about 40 sitting by himself.

Basically a dude who’s successful enough to get out of work early but who doesn’t already have a family to go home to or many bros to kick it with. That should be your “Target.”

You could have a kid by this time next year.


Yikes!!! But you are probably right.

Can you think of reasons why this is so, whether they were out of or in your control? If you don’t mind me asking, what country do you live in?

I actually experienced the same feeling, though it was for finding a wife and starting a family. I made adjustments in my life and got what I wanted.

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Is it you, or is it your choice in men?

Oh, dont feel bad. I’m 50 and never had a boyfriend.


@Igooo Have you tried 5/3/1?


It frustrates me that it might be me.

That’s probably not true.


What’s 5/3/1?

I live in the United States.

I could have had one many times, but I just didnt think it was right at the time.


Who’s right?

Oh snap!

+1 for the new chick.

lol ignore this, unless you’re into lifting weights - then maybe don’t ignore this… might help you find a boyfriend lol.

Have you had any serious past relationships? Any that lasted >1year (arbitrary)?

Who ended the relationships and why?

Living in the Anglosphere, I think you can likely be married within one year if you want to, despite whatever flaws you have.

You’re not providing us with any information to constructively talk about your situation.

How might it be you? Are you mean, mentally ill, inconsiderate, or cold? If you are not, then, again, you can likely have what you want quickly. There is no shortage of men in the US who are in need of a women.


Yeah, but they’re probably like all under 6’ tall so they’ve been left swiped by default.


Out of the way, Peck!


I’m nosy, can I hear about your experience Brick? What adjustments did you make, what was the whole story?

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I was replying to @FlatsFarmer.