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Frustrated, Need Expert Advice


I've been training for some months but it seems that every week I'm just weaker
and weaker my bench press just sucks and I'm not even able to lift 25 pounds on

Now as a little background I used to be a pretty fat kid but now after diets and
diets I became somewhat lean well... almost cause my body still pretty soft and
Im pretty tired of my woman like or not so male pretty weak look.

I have been doing the Warrior Diet for some time and though I bacame a little lean
my body still has that weak look and even worse now I look like a zombie and thats
not cool, girls aren't attracted to that and also I feel tired and hungry.

I don't how but I came across this forum and I read something about the Anabolic
Diet and I would like try but I don't know I'm pretty scared of wasting my time
again, I just want to become strong and hard as a rock.

I need some backup here... Thx.


There could be several reasons for why you are experiencing what you are experiencing.

The good news is, we can definitely identify where you can make improvements, and then make the improvements!

However, the next step, would be for you to post one or two days worth of meals.

If you could, please tell us what you had for breakfast, then what you had for lunch, then for dinner, etc, and please try to make it as "normal" as possible. So, don't tell us about that one day you ate like a Greek God, but rather tell us what your every-day layout looks like in terms of food.


Could you also provide your current height and weight as well as age?


Definitely this. It really sounds like you are starving yourself and/or not eating enough to recover from workouts, so you're body is in a constant catabolic state. As far as the anabolic diet goes, some people respond very well to low carb and high fat, while others are the opposite. You need to identify the cause(overtraining or improper diet) before adjusting what you are doing.


Oh thank you for the response!

Ok over this 2 months It has been this way.

Breakfast: Nothing just water or some juice.

Lunch: Well I guess it still being water.

Dinner: To eat like a beast! (sorry I couldn't help).

Dinner = Rice, Meat, Eggs, Milk, or/plus some Leftovers from Lunch...
(Stuff my family left when the ate at that time)

Im 21 Y/O

My Wieght is hmmm, If I remeber was 154 pounds.

My Height 1.70 I think was the last time I measured myself.


I couldn't tell you how alarming that diet sounds and how everything you said in your first post makes perfect sense.

I will revise my comment and include somethings that I think you should consider going forward, I want to get home first and not be under work-stress as I want this to be carefully written.


You don't eat enough.

I'm amazed that you even manage to weigh 154, unless you either forgot things that you eat and/or you really do eat like a beast at dinner.

There's nothing wrong with IF (unless you want to actually build a large body); except you don't seem to be doing IF. So either do IF and plan accordingly, or eat properly.


You should be eating your "dinner" meal at least 3 times a day. You have ran yourself into the ground by training and not eating nearly enough. Focus on getting quality sleep and eating more than once a day to start.


i THINK... Im not IFing properly, I mean is like I got something wrong cause Im not looking pretty good.

I don't know what to do?

If to go with the Anabolic Diet and have my IF on weekends or if to choose another IF plan rather than
Warrior Diet, ie: Eat Stop Eat, Renegade Diet.

Or if to not IF at all.

My goal is to increase my testosterone level but I would like to stay out from drugs, also Im trying to build
a MAN here...

My time spent on GYMS is almost 5 months the last year, then almost 6 months without it cause I was
pretty busy with my studies and stuff, then I came back but I really don't see any big change nor the last
time or this time I still pretty the same or... even worst by now.

I really think this has something to do with my childhood, I was pretty fat till 18.

Dang I would like to feel more confident about my body and my strength but seems like I'm somehow stuck on this.


IF is fine, the question is how many calories you're getting in the dinner meal. If you want to increase muscle you probably want 100-200g of protein and 2,000-3,000 calories a day. You can tool around with the specifics if you see yourself gaining more fat than you'd like (lower the calories) or not being able to progress with your muscle related goals like strength/mass (increase the protein).


IF cannot build the body that you want. It is very useful for getting your body healthier and leaner while building beginner strength.

But it's pointless for strength building.

Your childhood is not an issue. I was fat till 19. I became skinny-fat in college due to biking and walking everywhere, but I had no strength to speak of.

Try doing this- Your weight and height are close enough to mine that I think I can make a really rough guesstimate on how much you should be eating.

Breakfast- 6 whole eggs, however you like them with whatever you like as long as it's not ketchup or something with a bunch of sugar in it.
3/4 a cup of oatmeal.

Lunch- As much fucking chicken/beef/pork as you can eat along with as much of whatever vegetables you choose.

Protein powder with whole milk. 50g of protein at least, so probably two cups of protein powder of your choice, along with two cups of whole milk. Post-work out. I didn't do pre-workout, but I suppose you can just split this in half and take one half pre and other half post and eat dinner shortly thereafter.

Dinner- Repeat lunch.

Add in another two cups of whole milk on days that you do weight-training. Eat fruits on a daily basis, whatever is available and enticing to you on a given day.

Take 4-6 fish oil capsules and a multivitamin.

Do this along with starting strength or stronglift 5x5.

I more or less ate the above while lifting 6x a week last year. (Basically alternated between squat/deadlift and OHP/bench 3xweek) Went from 149 at 5ft 7 to 165 in roughly 4 months. The belly fat that I had for ages disappeared, and I was in the best shape that I've ever been in my life.

I was incapable of jogging more than 10 minutes previously; then I went from barely jogging a mile at a 10min/mile pace to jogging 3 miles in two weeks. My knees didn't like me one bit, but that speaks to how much better my conditioning got just from lifting.

My strength max at that point was-
Bench-160 (starting from barely being able to bench the bloody bar)
OHP- 115 (ditto)
Squat- 255 powerlifter stance.
Deadlift- 345

Not good by any means, but after 5 months of my first time of uninterrupted training? I'll take it.

You will not feel tired or exhausted, so long as you're eating enough/sleeping enough/and not doing any conditioning outside of walking everywhere.

And as long as you intentionally minimize carb sources/pig out on 1 specific day (mine was Sunday with gigantic bowl of Vietnamese noodles), you probably won't get fat. You can't eat enough to get fat if you just eat nothing but vegetables and meat.


Dang I luv ketchup but I will try.

And bout cardio is really needed? as for workout I have a (UK MagBook) Total Training Guide.

Six eggs really?

5x5... I'll need to research bout that cause I don't get it.


The original Stronglifts document is far more useful than the current one, which is about 200 pages of marketing and testimonials with the useful stuff put in every dozen or so pages.

The original just tells you what to do and how to do it: http://mannixcastro.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/stronglifts-5x5-v1.pdf

You don't need to do the chin/pull ups or dips, but they will help you have a more balanced workout.



This is very solid advice. Using this structure, all you'll have left to do is fine tune the details of how much carbs you eat on any given day. You should see how much carbs makes you not tip-the-scale(weekly average) versus being-fatigued.

It is important to notice a fews things though. For example,

What he means is that you should take enough fish oils capsules to fulfill a total combined EPA/DHA(two different "oils") 3 grams. If your tablet are 1g a piece like mine, you'd be taking 6 gs, which might not be ideal for your body in the long run.

2-3 grams is good to shoot for combined. It's amazing for your joints.

In an example like this, it is important to understand that you can substitute the eggs for ANYTHING. It's the concept that the eggs represent that matters here. It is high in protein(and exactly zero carb value).

I eat carb free greek yoghurt for breakfast, and slice in some strawberries/bananas/fruit depending on the season. I would not love lifting weights if I had to eat eggs every day for breakfast. I would shoot myself.

Other than that, it is important to eat fruit every day. It is also important that you actually consider how much fiber you eat daily. Easy way to hit fiber numbers is to eat apples/carrots/whole-wheat-anything.

And you truly don't have to be low carb to lose weight. That's not how weight-loss/weight-gain works, so it is important to find out what your body responds best to.

Besides, losing weight has officially become your last priority. Your health, including your strength, has now surpassed everything else in importance.

A pre-workout shake is an amazing tool to utilize. The most experienced lifters feed their bodies even during workouts.
Piece of advice, skip the milk pre-workout(water), and leave it for post-wo.

Oh, and you can eat as much shit as you want, and not gain additional fat. You just have to find a way to account for it on the other end of the equation. That can mean "cardio".

Doing "cardio" and not eating is THE MOST FUCKED UP THING TO DO TO YOUR BODY, in the long run.


dude you can have ketchup.. its fine. Just don't go to subway and get extra chipotle sauce later in the day.


Thanks guys. So I just stick to the advice about food magick gave me.

But I have some doubts, I really suck at english so forgive me if this have mistakes...

Do I really have to go to the gym twice the same day?

I don't really get the 5x5 thing.

For example Squat 5x5 -> According to the book an thanks "commented" for the share, I
must do 5 reps 5 times or sets till I warm up and after that I would be loading more
weight right? and doing 5 reps that weight 5 times and then load even more weight...
rinse and repeat till the 5th time. I think I'm missing something.

And Squats Ouch! I haven't done any of those since...


I like ketchup too. But it's functionally the same thing as soda pop, what with all the sugar it has.

Cardio isn't needed. The act of lifting heavy weights in of itself helps tremendously, especially if you lift full-body 6x a week.

You can add in cardio and shit once you get an appreciable amount of strength. Otherwise, trying to do both at the same thing is sort of shooting yourself in the foot, especially if you're just beginning.

Yes. 6 eggs. Eggs are great for you. You want testosterone? Eat your eggs. The cholesterol amount and all the activity you'll be doing=lots of testosterone production.

Get Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength book and read through it. Then read up on articles on this website for all of the main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press). Watch videos for form. Read a bunch of training programs like stronglift 5x5, 5/3/1, Madcow, westside for skinny bastards, etc, just to understand what it means to have a proper strong program for beginners and intermediates.

Do chin-ups.

Your body is fine with 6g or more of fish oil a day. But I might be biased on this regard. I had De Quervain's tenosyovitis, and taking fewer than 6g a day didn't do much. I take 6g, and I can actually move my wrists. The pain practically went away and I had full RoM after doing a full squat/deadlift workout.


Do chin ups.

I'm going to hazard a guess that he can't.

In which case, do the Scooby plan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRznU6pzez0


Folks are ragging on the diet, but it's a bit simpler than that: you aren't eating enough.

I managed to gain weight (quickly) while eating similar to you and still hitting PRs. You just need to eat more.
The only adjustment I made was having a protein shake and usually a piece of fruit or cup of farina in the morning and occasionally a shake pre-workout (in the evening). I also ate low carb on my feast, but my body loves to suck up carbs.

I believe the warrior diet advocates multiple rounds/windows to eat, so you could probably just go back for another round of food.... this is assuming you're eating your protein first, as you're supposed to. My first plate was heaping with meat and maybe 1/2 cup of veggies. MY 2nd plate was 2/3 meat and my third was 1/2... I would occasionally do 5 heaping plates of meat and veggies and polish it off with a glass of whole milk... I gained 5 pounds in about 10 days, so you can gain on IF, if you want... I eventually had to limit myself to 3 plates and almond milk (for the farts) to get back down.

So if you like this style of eating, that's fine, but you're doing it wrong. I waddled out of the cafeteria in pain and went straight to the crapper... not quite as enjoyable.


Well I just ate once at night.

BuT I'm afraid of getting fat because I don't like to feel that way... chilhood was hard as a fat kid.

And having this dang stubborn fat.... well is like being fat.