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Frustrated - Need a New Supplement


Haven't supplemented with anything besides creatine in over a year. I need a new supplemnet, but I really don't feel like taking pro hormonres that are similiar to the freakin birthcontrol pill, bros I need some help


It depends what your goals are, provide a little more information and people will be able to help you


I think the thinking that you need a new supplement can definitely be detrimental to your training.

The only time you should use a supplement is when you have a specific goal and you target a certain product to help you reach that goal. It' not about needing something.


I like the first paragraph.

Kind of iffy on the second.


Unlike what Bill Phillips would like you to believe, you don't actually NEED supplements.

Remember, to supplement means to perfect the imperfect. Only supplement when you've already put 100% in your training and diet.


well basically i'm going to try to get alittle bigger but i'd like to bust through a plateu, my trying is on point and my nutrition is getting there


Very few supps. shy of AAS will help you "bust through a plateau". If you're struggling with a plateau, either your training or your nutrition needs an overhaul, more than likely BOTH.

Before you drop $40-$50, start reading the articles on this site from guys like Waterbury, Thibaudeau, Poliquin and Berardi. Just my $.02.



aint taht funny