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Frustrated Lifter - Paid Consultation?

Dr. Darden,

Thank to you and all of the supportive people on this message board.
Age 38, 170lbs. Despite years of trying various training strategies:

-sticking with compound lifts, heavy weights, and 1 set to failure (Ferriss)
-Not avoiding carbs
-Using Creatine/Glutamine/Protein supplements
-Eating up to 3,500 calories/day

My bulking efforts seems to result only in fat gains and virtually no muscle. I have a small frame so I’m reluctant to add more fat to my midsection. Very frustrated. I would like to finally put on 15 pounds of muscle and and get lean (12% would be fine). Not looking for a bodybuilder’s body, just one that looks athletic.

I just read several of your books, including your latest, 30-10-30. I’m starting 30-10-30 in hopes to break out of the cycle.

Question: Are you available for paid consultations? A quick 1 hour ZOOM call (or normal phonecall) would be tremendously helpful.