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Frustrated, Can Anyone Help Me Figure My Lower Body Out?

Hi all. Im 33. Ever since I started lifting I have had pain that forced me to cut out most LE exercises. I have a left hip impingement symptom, external rotation, and both knees tend to pop frequently.

Over the last 2 years I’ve hand R knee pain, relieved by popping it. Even just standing sometimes can cause it to tweak.

My L leg is unstable, single leg work on that side is very difficult/painful to do. My standing/walking stability in general is poor, I tend wobble when walking and usually lean on one side (usually R) when standing. With the torso/lumbar region, I have trouble turning to the left, it feels quite tight. An egoscue practitioner said that she sees my L knee being locked into flexion, unable to fully extend. I do have difficulties with fine motor control.

I have been to a sports med place and had graston/tp and corrective exercise with no effect. Had an mri that should a t12 hernia which they had never seen before.

I then saw a PT who did PRI work. That turned out to be a disaster. I ended up with a possible inguinal(nutsack) hernia that hasnt gotten any better in 2.5 months and is affecting my work and training. The movements were very complex and I was never sure what to feel and saw no results.
I’m currently seeing an egoscue center in tampa, and while they are very impressive with their postural analysis, I’m still not seeing any real results. I did notice some decreased impingement in L hip after going on the tower and have ordered that to see if it helps. When doing my exercises, I find hip abduction tends to aggravate the hernia and I have a big strength imbalance in my hips.

My L hip muscles are weak and I even have difficulty activating them with exercise. I asked the PT if there was nerve damage she said they werent showing signs of it. I dunno, my dad has the exact same symptoms as me, he did alot of freight lifting and now has a slew of herniated discs, which I’m attributing to unstable/imbalanced lower body while lifting heavy boxes.

Anyway sorry for infodump I just spewed. Just feeling frustrated as i’ve seen people who should be able to help and have not gotten anywhere. If anyone has any insight or theories about what could be going on I’d love to hear it