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Frustrated by Hip Pain


About 6 weeks ago I began experiencing a sharp pain in my right upper thigh close to the crease of my hip and a little to the inner portion of thigh. It gives me the sensation of a "popping" or "sliding" action. I only experience the pain at about the top portion of the squat..no other time. Walking, stair climbing, running, leg pressing, sitting, etc. does not reproduce the pain. Iam a fairly heavy squatter; took two weeks off and came back and by the second warm up set of 225 I quit. Took off 4 weeks, came back tonite and the pain immediately returned by the second set of 225. I have rested it..stretched it...and cotinued to do movements that does not cause the pain like leg presses and single leg movements. Any Ideas??


Yes, see your doctor


I had the same problem recently but I am no doc so I would get it double checked .I was using my hip flexors to stabilize instead of my smaller glute muscles also not pushing my knees out enough when squating wasnt helping either and although I stretched my hip flexors a lot I never got a stretch in my pelvis it was normally lower down my thigh so was basically bypassing the stretch and not actually opening them up.

So what really helped me was
Hip flexor stretch on one knee one foot and tucking my pelvis under hold min 2 minutes .
Also doing the exercise clamshells focous on getting the glutes firing then start using a dyna band .

But thats just what I did might be different for you


rolling the hip flexor can help, too. some ART if you can get it.
conversely activating the glutes. there are some that work from the back to help stabilize the hip. i find mine activate strongly if i do step ups onto a high step focusing on pulling myself up with my raised leg. also x band walks for the outer hip / adductors.


ooh... also step overs. the idea being to lift your leg as high as you can. then add a side- stepping component. kinda like a squat. find it helps my squatting a lot to get the high step to the side step up movement smooth and comfortable (and stabby pain free) before squatting.