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Frustrated at Doctor's Prescription

I’m in DFW,tx
I’ve been on trt for about 1 yr now. It’s not working. We started with one pump a day of axiron, then to two pumps. Levels still low.

Then we moved to injections of 1 ml every two weeks. I got a test after about 17 days and the level is still as low as before i started trt.

The doctor wants to go to 1.5 ml every two weeks . With my levels so low i don’t see how an extra .5 ml every two weeks would work.

I don’t want to go to an aging clinic as they charge $400 a month vs my doctor who is $50 a month.

How can i get a doctor who will actually give the right amount without paying the equivalent of a car payment?

Its a crap shoot man. Finding a TRT doc through insurance is rough. I started at a clinic due to that very reason and eventually found an Endo that would take over my protocol. The Endo keeps me a bit lower than the TRT clinic but probably rightfully so. Its TRT not a steroid cycle.

Are you pinning yourself? I would imagine so if you are through a regular doc or endo. If that’s the case you can pin as often as you want and likely should at least 2x per week. Good luck finding a new doc, you may just have to make several appts until you find one worth a damn.

1mL of what? How many mg? mL is volume, not dosage.

First off do you inject yourself or does the doc require you to come in? If you do it yourself have him bump the dose and then give yourself half each week. If you have to go in take the bump anyway, it’ll help a small bit.

I recently switched to Defy medical I’d put their cost at on average of 150 per month, depending on what’s prescribed, etc. First year might be a bit more while you get stable. The do telemedicine and are pretty good, no need to travel to them for a visit. I’m assuming you live in USA.

For 4800 a year you could go to nearly any top trt doc in the country and have change left over. I sure as hell wouldn’t give it to the trt clinic down the street.

Also check out the youtube channel “TRT & Horemone Optimization” lost of good stuff there.

End the end though you may have trouble finding a doc that takes insurance and knows what their doing with trt. You get what you pay for. You really should be able to get very good care though for 150-200 month on average.

1 ml is 200mg of depo-testosterone

My pumps used to be 3 mg per pump. So 6 mg per day so i thought a 200 mg dose for two weeks would be plenty. Apparently not.

Unfortunately, i have to go in once every two weeks to get injected.

There is big business in TRT because these places realize finding a knowledgeable TRT doctor in sick care is difficult. These every two week protocol hint at your doctors inexperience, a 2005 clinical study showed levels don’t stay in the therapeutic range for long, any doctor still prescribing protocols every two weeks doesn’t get their feet wet in TRT much at all or are just not willing to learn.

Thanks, i will check it out(the YouTube site). I don’t even care about having my insurance pay it. If i could get the correct treatment for $150 a month i would be all over it. But i hate having low t even when I’m under the care of a doctor.

What kind of doctor do i need to look for?

Be careful what you wish for because you just may get it. Then call Defy Medical.

The endocrinologist should be the best at TRT, but from what I see they are the worst. There is no guarantee any doctor will be knowledgeable in TRT, I don’t care what kind of doctor they are.

It’s not like bodybuilders go to GP’s for steroids, steroids are demonized is western medicine and not a lot of doctors are specializing in it. Doctors don’t take low testosterone very serious, it seems to get a low priority.

Used to be the case in the 50s through to the 80s… Then Joe Biden was like “nah”

If you need a telemedicine TRT clinic that runs $150/month email me (in bio) or just find one of the gazillion others that charge about the same. That includes T shipped to your crib.

Dexter, I sent you an email yesterday. Thanks in advance

Yes just like everyone else has said you have a horrible protocol and a Dr who just doesn’t get it. Since you are in dfw look up a PA in Coppell, Dr E at ingrative medical. The guy knows his stuff.

Thanks!! Magnum D. I’ll call today