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Frustraed W/ Flat Tires!!!


Back in Aug. I got 4 new tires on my 98 Accord LX. After I got the tires on I put the car in the garage and haven't drive it much since. I have 3 cars ( hence why I havent drived the accord much ).

Anyways... About sometime in Sept. I went to go drive the car and the tires were low. I filled em back up. No prob. Couple weeks later, low again. Fill it up. Next time I go to drive the car one is flat, couple times after that 2 are flat. Filled em up. Car sat a couple months. Go to drive it all 4 are flat!!!

I never contacted the shop about this. I just thought "hmmph... low tires". I should have said something after the 2nd flat.

I have had the tired taken off rims cleaned and re-beaded since. Still having the same problem.

What do you guys thinks I should do? If I were to drive the car daily. I would have to put air in all the tires twice a week!!!!!


Did it happen with your previous set of tires? I assume you just put new tires on the old wheels?

Man I would take it back to the tire shop and tell them the tires don't fit / are crap.

Tires sometimes are faulty, maybe this was a bad batch or model.

There is no way it should go that flat that fast.

Also, does it continue to go flatter and flatter, or just go flat to a certain point then stop? If it is going completely flat then that is just faulty / bad fit.


I agree with maghare... this shouldnt be happening to anyones car.