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Fruits...Eat Them or Not??


Hey guys what are your takes on fruit? Is it okay to eat or not..i train mma 4-5 days aweek and lift weight wendlers 5/3/1 4days a week...just confused about them and fructose


Yes, eat fruit.


i hear so many different things about them though..for example that new article up says to stray away from fructose which fruit is made up of it


Lol why the fuck would you avoid fruit? Can you think of a better carb source?


they have alot of sugar? i eat Ezekiel bread as my main source..i do not wanna eat 200 plus carbs i am not bulking i am trying to lose a little for my bjj competition


For years we believed that the sugars/fructose in fruits did not affect diabetics. Since they new research has shown that the medical community, and American Diabetic Association, were wrong. While there are benefits to fruit, the serious professionals now admit that fructose is not beneficial and may be one of the causes of the extra weight/fat that Americans carry around.

Being a type II diabetic, my/our preferred source of carbs have to be veggies. For weightlifting/bodybuilding the same holds true.

It will be a long time before the fruit growers associations allow financing to any group that argues against fruit as putting weight on people.


Fructose is bad when its in everything you eat (such as HFCS and sugar). If you aren't eating sugar elsewhere, fruits are fine.


I agree veggies > fruits. But most people don't need to avoid fruit, they need to avoid sugar and HFCS containing foods.

Of course 25 servings of fruit a day is overboard - but most people will have a piece or two a day, which is fine.


I've never seen someone get fat or gain weight off of eating fruit. I don't buy the whole "eat them if you aren't eating any other sugar sources" thing and challenge someone to eat enough fruit per day to get fat (without consuming it in the form of fruit juice).


Why would you not eat fruit? It is extremely nutrient dense, a great source of fiber, and provides anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals that protect you from free radical damage and a multitude of diseases.


4-5 days of MMA.

4 lifting sessions.

I know your not bulking but for fucks sake, you need simple carbs for workout fuel. Fruits are a good source, plus chok full of essential vitamins and phytonutrients.
How heavy are you? With an activity level that high, 200g of carbs aren't really that much, even when trying to cut weight. Don't be a carb-o-phobe.


Well beans, but you're right.

I dare one person on here to eat as much fruit as they possibly can without any other simple carb sources and see if they gain any fat.

I actually do eat much more fruit than what I think the average person does (often two bananas and a grapefruit or something for breakfast with a protein source and a piece whenever I feel like it later on) and it's only when I eat too much cheese or straight up junk food that I see a change in BF%.


I am 180 pounds deadlift 500 squat 440 and power clean 240 and bench 320.. i know what i am doing just wondering about the fruit man...


Eat 1-2 pieces of fruit everyday for their valuable micro-nutrients. Avoid them around your workout since glucose is a superior workout fuel to fructose. Vary your fruits weekly. End thread.


actually best carb source is french fries


Eat the fruit. Small portions with other carb sources will help provide the full range of increasing glycogen stores. The fructose in the fruit increases liver glycogen which helps the body avoid catabolism. Eat the fruit.


Agreed. When was the last time you saw a 500 pound person and thought "jeez, that guy needs to lay off the oranges".

I think people should eat fruits, but stay away from shit carbs, thats all.


Of course.

But this doesnt mean fruit is bad.



First, you dont know anyone that eats ONLY fruit

Second, there is no way you can isolate a single food item as a cause of obesity. Which also means you cant* single out a single food item as NOT CONTRIBUTING to obesity.

Horrible rationale

edited *said 'can' was supposed to say 'cant'


Actually, not at all. She said she's never seen it, not that it's impossible.

Where did she say "I've seen someone eat only fruit and they did not get fat"?

Actually, you can isolate "single food items" as contributing to obesity. Sugar and trans fats contribute to obesity, cauliflower does not. No one food item CAUSES obesity on its own, sure.

Also, where exactly did she say that fruit cannot contribute to obesity? She said she's never seen a case where eating fruit caused obesity.

Learn to read brah.