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Fruits Are the Devil!


What's up fellas, and ladies.

My diet is superb during the day. Okay let's be serious, it's OK during the day. Anyway, the biggest problem is right after a dinner, I love having fruits. I basically eat a friggin fruit basket and destroy anything positive I did during the day with my diet. I've tried not having fruits, but I can't do it and collapse into a fruit eating frenzy by the next day.

Which fruits can i eat unlimited amounts of before going to bed and not F'in up my diet. i wanna store my fridge with only fruits which can't fudge me up. Please tell me those exist.


What the fuck is wrong with fruit?




OK, it would be generally harder to eat too much in apples, grapefruits or pears, or watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries, peaches.

Oranges, grapes, bananas, pineapple or other tropical fruits are more concentrated in calories.

I wouldn't eat lots of fruit before going to sleep. I can't remember where, but I heard it is catabolic or interferes with sleep or something.


Wouldn't this mainly be a proiblem if he is dieting? It isn't like he mentioned his goals.


Unless you're eating candied apples, eat all the fruit you want. There is nothing wrong with raw fruit.


You are obsessing about the wrong thing!

Eat all the whole fruit that you want. One of these days one of the gurus will do an article on eating all the good quality natural food you want. If that happens maybe then people will stop becoming upset about eating whole natural food!

Meat, fish, turkey, vegetables, nuts, eggs and fruit. That's all I eat. And I eat plenty of each group. You should join me!

(Naturally I add Grow! to the above, but that's it folks)


The "Forbidden Fruit" was written by Cy Willson about 5 years ago.


Hope that helps!


Well, I think you would get a blood sugar crash if you JUST ate fruit before bedtime, and I think that would be bad whether you were gaining or dieting.


Probably should of mentioned stats/ goals.

I am currently 178 pounds, 5'9 23 y/o. I try to get around 2200 cals, 270g protein, under 100 carbs.

I am looking good to accomplish these goals until dinner time. Like a machine head, I devour fruits and pretty much bring my carbs to 200 from just two apples or so. I know the obvious thing to say is 'so don't eat the two apples or whatever other fruits you chow down'

I can't do it, I love em too much ;/ yet at the same time I wanna drop to 165. No easy way around it is what I'm getting from you guys.


Also may wanna take a look at Doc B's "Defeating Dietary Displacement"

http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459406 .


Uh, an apple only has about 20 grams of carbs unless you're eating one of those mutant Red Rome types (the ones the size of a cantaloupe), so 2 are only gonna get ya 40. I can understand wanting to stay under 100 grams (T Dawg 2.0 with P+C, P+F combining?) but a couple of pieces of fruit ain't gonna hurt you.

Now if you're eating an entire fruit basket like you said that is different. You might rethink some of your meals to include some fruit (but stay within your guidelines) earlier in the day to keep that sweet tooth in check.


Something doesn't add up right. 270 gr of protein = 1080 cal. You try to stay under 100 gr. of carbs = 400 cal. I smell a FAMINE in the making. You weigh 178 lb. and it sounds like you're trying to live and train on about 2000 cal.

I have yet to meet the person that got fat from eating too much fruit. Your jaw muscles will give out first.

If you try to starve yourself to 165 lb.
you will lose alot of hard earned muscle doing it. As usual: read Berardi.



No, you are getting confusion from us because you aren't making much sense. First, why must you only eat fruit right before bed or at night? Are you pregnant? Do you get cravings for pickles and icecream as well? Why are you trying to drop to under 170lbs?

No offense, but you sound like a girl. You can't do it? You love them too much? There is nothing wrong with fruit. If this this is some binge eating problem you have going on, then that may very well be a problem. Who sits and eats a basket of fruit in one sitting?


I think everyone could stand to eat MORE fruit. I love loading my breakfast protein shake with pineapples, frozen berries, hell even a friggin BANANA! Fruit is good for you. Eat lots of protein, eat lots of fruit. Fruit, Fruit, Fruit!

And I even sometimes eat a small bowl of grapes RIGHT before bed!! It REALLY helps clean out my digestive system! Killer night time farts!! Wife HATES it when I eat grapes. :>

Seriously, unless you're eating a shit load of high GI fruit, don't bother obsessing over it unless you're on a strict cutting diet.


Space them out throughout the day. I used to do a banana in the morning, peach between then and lunch, another at lunch, something else between then and dinner, and another some time between dinner and bedtime, always with a protien shake. This helped to maintain a high enenrgy level throughout the day, and there were no cravings because the need was fulfilled. Also fills daily requirements of phyto-megazoid micro minerals or whatever vitamins and minerals are being called these days.


Exactly. I get the picture of a guy sneaking a basket of fruit into a closet with a concealed door leading to a secret room with pictures of Macauley Culkin hanging on the walls, and laser motion detectors up and down the halls.


Simple fruit = good. LOL

Man there are much worse thing you could be taking in. Fruits sure have carbs but like was stated waht are your goasl. Also fruits are loaded with various nutrients minerals. etc.

I usually go for them early in the day but from time to time will have a BIG bowl of strawberries before bed.


Point taken fellas, and I appriciate it.

I workout hard and do a lot of cardio. I am 178, but still have ways to go in my mid section. I was a on a strict cutting diet about a month and a half ago, and had no fruits for a month. Guess I'm making up for lost time.

The image of me sneaking fruit baskets into a secret room is sad but true. The only minor difference are the pictures of prof X's mother.

Gonna take it easy with the fruits and keep a stricter food log.

appreciate the helpful replies.


"I work out hard and do lots of cardio.
I was on a strict cutting diet about a
month ago"

......something is wrong here. Keep a food log and/or post a day's food cnsumption.