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Fruits and Alkalinity


JB talks about fruits and vegetables being very alkaline, and protein and grains being very acidic. Fruits, at least some of them, are made of citric acid. How can they be alkaline?


It's a certain type of analysis, PRAL, I think. Check the article, but I know it says how the body processes it and how it's expelled in urine. Therefore, if you take in a certain food that's acidic, your body breaks it down, and there are certain ions or compounds left expelled in the urine that are basic and acidic. Just depends on the food and the way the body processes it basically.


i don't really understand it either, but according to this article the components of foods seem to be of less importance than the chemistry of foods -most important being how they end up at the kidneys.



you eat acidic fruits and they are alkaline forming in the body. pretty crazy shit huh?

really though, get some litmus paper and test it out on yourself (lick the paper). See what your pH is, I've heard that a slightly basic pH is supposedly healthier than a slightly acidic pH because it's harder for gnarly bacteria to grow in your body if it's in a base environment.

if you think your pH is too acidic (and it probably is, I consider anything less than 7 too acidic for me) just UP the intake of vegetables and fruits, try some greens supplements etc...


I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but I believe our skin has an acidic "coat" or nature due to a secreted substance we make naturally. The purpose of the acidic nature is so that bacteria/microbes cannot grow on the skin or survive.


The body will never let its pH change more than a tiny tiny bit.


The book being referred to is "The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health" by Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young (it's sitting in my shelf).

Naturalistic type guys like Tony Robbins are big-time into this type of stuff, and there's no doubt that Tony has mega-energy.

However, there is a lot of conflicting scientific data on this stuff. These guys basically promote a strict vegetarianism, and say that you can build muscle off of the protein that you get in vegetables because the real source of muscle is "oxygene."

It's a bit odd to me how we as bodybuilders have partially taken to the idea of taking green-drink and more vegetables to "stay alkaline", when the book that the ideas come from basically says that the traditional high-protein bodybuilding diet is so utterly detrimental. Still, there's no harm in hedging your bets with some extra greens.

Personally I think a diet of lean-cuts and a lot of vegetables is the way to go. We've evoled as omnivores and when there's clearly so much lost by cutting out meat (though they say otherwise) it just doesn't make sense to me to go vegetarian.

The big thing I took from the book was to take green-drink (I mix it with my protein), to eat more vegetables, and to drink more water.


I think they're right about alot of stuff,but they take it a little to far.Just because foods are acidic doesn't mean we should keep away from them.We should have a perfect balance in our bodies PH.I find that I never get sick when I keep that balance and keep control over it.


Since working with CW in the past month I've started drinking Greens Plus and added alot more fruit and veggies to my diet. I've doubled my gym time, gained about 3-4 lbs (not fat) and my energy is through the roof. Still eating lean protein with every meal. Have to say I have never felt better.


It's all about personal choice switching to be vegetarian - each who does will have their own reason why. I've been lacto-vegetarian [no meat/fish/ off eggs 1 year]for 3 years now and have not 'lost clearly so much'. What you are assuming, is an erroneous impression.

Personally I don't just eat healthy food but I eat it healthily. Last year alone while on a bulking phase I gained 40lbs. I haven't had a cold in 4 years. My energy level is high. It's fine if it doesn't make sense to you or some others.

However those with your thinking MUST make a distinction between people - both omnivores or vegetarians- who eat healthy and those who don't eat healthy. Some omnivores eat too much fatty meats like some vegetarians don't know squat about taking in a proper level of nutritions the body needs to function properly.

I myself used to gorge myself on every meat in sight like a tyranosaurus, and got into veggies-only very curiously. If you can cook up tasty meals, you don't miss out on the taste of meat - as much. You'll find a few vegetarian bodybuilders at this site too.

So just keep in mind smart vegetarians eat very tasty meals that are nutritious enough to maintain a healthy body and exercise/train very, very hard.