Fruit When Cutting?

Is fruit really that bad when prepping for a show? I have one in 5 weeks, should I cut all fruit out now or if not when?

I know bananas aren’t great, but what about an apple or something?

I want to make sure I’m getting all my vitamins and minerals. I already eat veggies and take a multi-vit :slight_smile:


Stick with low-GI fruits, and limit them to the start of your day.

Blueberries and Strawberries have a low-gi and are full of the rich anti-oxidents you want from fruits.

Oh, BTW…Bell peppers are technically a berry too. Also high in antiox and very low GI. Additionally, green peppers have 2x more vitamin C than an orange, and RED peppers have 3x more vitamin C than an orange and taste much better too.

Apples…some are higher GI than others. Green/GrannySmith are lower GI. Additionally, apples have some chemical in them that makes you feel full…plus there is the benefit of soluable and insoluable fiber.

If that’s you in the avatar, I wouldn’t worry about it at all!

[quote]T-Raven wrote:
If that’s you in the avatar, I wouldn’t worry about it at all![/quote]

lol thanks yes it’s me… but I want a six pack… and in 4 weeks!

[quote]T-Raven wrote:
If that’s you in the avatar, I wouldn’t worry about it at all![/quote]

i second this notion. sheesh, that is possibly my favorite female figure i have seen on here (without seeing the legs).

Very independent and individual as is everything but I would try to NOT cut it out until absolutly you have to. try dropping the Hi Gi stuff first and stick to apples peachs berries etc. as opposed to banana, watermelon, etc…

Good luck and looking good,

Well I’ve decided to cut if on my no carb days, eat 1 serving on my low/med carb days and eat lots on my carb up day :slight_smile:

Right now I’m doing;
No Carb (0)
Little Carb (<75)
No Carb (0)
Little/Med Carb (depending on how I feel) (50-100)
No Carb (0)
Med Carb (150)
Super High Carb (whatever I want!)

That is not counting carbs in good Veggies though of course.


Great plan. Let us know how it works out for you.

My advice is this…fruit is extremely healthy but if your ultimate goal is getting as lean as possible replace your fruits with more vegetables, if you eat fruit always eat it with a lean protein. Never alone…the lean protein slows the release of the simple sugar. Everytime you eat a simple sugar like fruit by itself your body produces more insulin and less glucagon (the hormone that releases fat). I cut out fruit completely for 4 weeks ate more vegetables and lost 3% bodyfat.