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Fruit on a Very Strict Cut

Hi guys

Normally I wouldn’t worry about the calories from fruit. But I’m on the last week and a half and being as strict as possible, I’ll eat a 150g pack of blueberries a day cause it’s basically the only enjoyment I’m getting out of food at the minute.

Just recently dropped carbs as low as possible feel like crap tbh! Ha but il happily suffer till my holiday.

I plan on having a really high volume day the day before I go then a big carb load after the workout.

80kg 6 foot
1500 calories a day
10ml omega 3 a day
Intermittent fasting.

Currently 10-11% I think, very flat


Any help on question posted

Plus any other help appreciated.

This was about a month before

I don’t see a question. You’re higher than 10-11 percent.

Sorry got carried away and forgot to post it ha

Will fruit slow my progress, should I avoid it or include it and count the calories?

What body fat % would you guess at 13-14?


No it won’t! I got shredded to the bone eating fruit!

Perhaps 15%. Go by how you look. Don’t worry about BF estimations.

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Is that your sister in your avatar… Or your mum? Lol

Thought you would recognise your sister by now :joy:

LMAO damn Im glad she keeps her shirt down on family occasions than! Coz I don’t think I would care if she is related to me! Hahaha

I’m not very active on the forums but when I see something like this I really want to help because it’s an easy fix… a few things stand out here

  1. As Brickhead already mentioned, you’re sitting at around 15% but it’s irrelevant

  2. If you’re going super low carb and feel shit, cut them out altogether and go Keto. You might end up feeling 100 times better. Your brain is probably bouncing in and out of ketosis, which blows big-time for energy/motivation

  3. If you’re doing IF and happy with it then look into Vince Girondas steak and egg diet. Looking at your physique I suspect you might benefit from it in a major way, I wouldn’t be surprised if you fill out and lose fat at the same time from where you are now. It’s likely that you won’t be hungry and will feel/look great - cheers

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Appreciate the replies
Sorry I never said thanks to you brick head.
Chalk I’ll definitely keep that in mind for my next cut but with a week left till my holiday is it worth going full keto? Doesn’t it take a few days to a week to become fully keto?

Also I think the photo gives an impression I’m scrawnier than I am or maybe not ha. But some better photos to show where I currently am.

Granted I’m a bit fatter in this one about mid cut.

It can take longer than that and the truth is that if you don’t have long to go there would be little point in doing it at this stage, as the real magic happens when you’re truly fat adapted ; )

I will say keep an open mind and play with it at some stage though… a lot of guys try it and never look back

I will do. I’m hoping to never get as fat as I did in that second photo. You get a bit carried away thinking it’s not that much then get a reality check. But I needed that. So it’s all good.
Plan to stick with Texas method for a few month after my holiday while tracking calories starting at 2k a day and seeing if I need less or more.

One thing I’d like to ask regarding keto, isn’t all that steak cheese eggs ect a bit expensive in comparison to a high carb moderate fat diet?

Keto can be expensive but doesn’t have to be at all if you don’t want it to be. Think about it, protein is already set on both diets, the main difference is that someone replaces carbs with fat. A stick of butter has a ton of calories but can be bought cheap… plus, I’d rather eat bacon and eggs for breakfast than egg whites and oats - it’s mainly personal preference.

That looks to be about 15%.

What’s your height/weight/waist stats? 1500 sounds very low and you could be sacrificing muscle trying to lose too quickly. You look better than most guys will shirtless, but if you want to get really lean you should set your sights on next summer, not this one.

Thanks for the replies.

Well I stuck it out and here are the pics
21st may

23rd june


Not bad, but I need a magnifying glass to see your abs. It definitely looks like you made some progress.