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Fruit Nutritional Value

Anyone know where i can get the nutritional value for fruits? Im trying to do a massive eating schedule but, im not sure how many carbs and protein are in certain fruits.





I would definitely suggest either getting a copy of the Nutrition Almanac or Corrine Netzer’s Complete Book of Food Counts. Otherwise there’s a USDA food database on the net you can check.

Most fruits are going to have roughly 20-25 g. carbs per piece. Stick with apples, oranges and berries as much as you can, but a banana in your morning oatmeal w. some Grow is pretty damn tasty!

BTW there is no protein in fruits, or fat for that matter…strictly carbs.

While most fruit is predominantly composed of carbohydrates, the assertion that it is void of protein or lipid is incorrect. An example to validate my declaration would be the avocado as it’s lipid content is nearly 3x that of it’s carbohydrate content.


A: just who the hell eats advocado’s anyway?

B: with that kind of profile it should probably be classified as the world’s biggest nut!

To answer

“A: just who the hell eats advocado’s anyway?”

Evidently, the annual global production of avocado is around 2 million metric tonnes. See this link if you are so inclined


With respect to
“B: with that kind of profile it should probably be classified as the world’s biggest nut!”

The avocado is actually the size of a pear making it considerably smaller than the coconut.

Actually, lots of fruits have fats in them.