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Fruit Making Me Feel Fat


I just started to add 4-5 pieces of fruit to my diet. You know, something to help me cut down on cravings during the day. Guess what happens, I gained like 2.5 lbs in a week and my stomach feels huge. What the hell is going on? Isn't this shit suppose to be helping me? Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way, I'm not taking supplements or steriods.


Fruit moves through the the GI slower than a lot of other foods. Fruits like apples have considerable amount of weight. If you're eating 5 servings than that definitely contributes to weight if you haven't gave it to John yet.

Also watch what kind of fruits you're eating. Bananas obviously would not be the best choice. Choose fruits with a high water and high fiber content. Try blueberries and such. It's hard to "feel" fat after that.


Hey there,
Having that much fruit in a day is a LOT of sugar.
I may be alone on this one, but i stay away from fruit in general. Pure sugar. Good fiber, vitamins and minerals of course, but i stay away from fruit because of the sugar.
If i DO eat fruit it is in the earlier part of the day when my metabolism is at its highest before 5 p.m. and i make sure it's a high fiber source like pears, apples, etc.

You didn't mention a couple important things though:
1) What kind of fruit are you eating.
2) When are you eating it.

You also may want to see a doctor to see if you have any allergies or intolerances to certain fruits.


Glad to know that you're not taking steeroids, we all know that your nuts would explode and you wouldn't want that.

What fruits are you eating? Likely you're just a little carb loaded.


Also, eating fruit will NEVER cut down cravings.
I've found that eating simple sugar increases cravings.

Have a handful of almonds, a bit of cottage cheese and a large glass of water.

That will fill you up and cut cravings more than fruit and will also have virtually no affect on your blood sugar levels.

You gain fat weight because your blood sugar has spike too high and your body starts storing the excess.

Then you get hungry again shortly after because your sugar has subsequently dropped rapidly.

Yep....vicious cycle indeed.


Fruits are good for you, very good. Eat lots of them, they will not make you fat as they usually contain more water and less calories per gram than other foods.

Also, if I remember correctly, fructose is insulin independent, so it will not spike your insulin, which is of considerable importance.


Ultimately do what works for you.
Pay attention to your body. (which you are)
Everyone's body is different and we cannot all eat the same thing and get the same result.

A calorie is not a calorie.

If your waist has gotten bigger and your are gaining weight, and the only thing that has changed is you are now eating 5 pieces of fruit a day, that should tell you something.


I don't feel totally staying away from fruit, unless you are on a strict cutting diet, is necessary. Five pieces a day, though, may a bit much. Maybe reduce it to 2 or 3 pieces and replace it with either more protein or fiberous veggies.


How much do you weigh?


It's probably just the fiber from the additional fruit that's making you feel bloated.

Which fruits are you eating?

Fruit is great, but it may take your body a bit to get used to a sudden increase in what you consume.

And, don't buy the nonsense that fruit should be avoided. I've never seen anyone get fat from eating fruit. So, go eat your fruit, and vegetables.


Also did you go from eating little to no fruit to 5 servings a day. Might be as simple as VERY slow digestion due to your body not being used to it.


Ok, this thread has some wack info. Whoever said that fruit is pure sugar and should be avoided needs to read up on fructose. As for your sudden weight gain, my only guess is that if you just stared eating 5 pieces of fruit a day, then my guess would be you jumped over you caloric needs and are storing fat now. Eat less or do more.


Agreed! Some way off stuff here. The only time to avoid fruit would be a big time cutting phase. Obviously some bodies may react differently, but for the vast population benefits FAR outweigh any risks.

2 things mentioned
taht I believe are right on:
1--extra fiber
2--water retention from added carbs or simply added calories with no additional workload.

Don't give up the fruit! Adjust accordingly.


You have alot of half-truths and partial info here.

Yes simple sugars respond somewhat like you have stated, but the complexity of fruit makes it something much more than a simple sugar. In fact a great snack would be an apple and peanut butter or a handful of nuts.

You discount the fiber in fruits and the slow GI in many others.

Be careful when giving nutritional advice.


Many apologies for making some rash generalizations about fruit. You all were right to check me on it. It should not be cut out of your diet unless you have sugar problems.
Fiber, vitamins and minerals. All good things.

I personally don't eat a lot of fruit (that is not high fiber) because i am sensitive to it.

Basically i'd say that having 5 servings of fruit a day after not having any....you've increased your daily calories, your daily intake of (natural) sugar and your daily intake of fiber. All of which will most likely cause you to gain some fat and hold some water.

Do you guys think that the weight gain he experienced from water retention and the stomach bloating will go down after a while?


And what does the rest of your diet look like?????I doubt the fruit is causing the problem.



There was an article on fructose digestion on T-Nation a long time ago..it has a wierd pathway which makes it digest slower. For instance take a look a the GI's on most fruits...some are in the 30s and 40 (index = 100 = white bread), and the highest ones are in the 60's I believe. That's still lower than brown rice and oatmeal.

The fiber in fruits also works to slow the digestion of fruit down.
Also the more water-heavy the fruit; the more it satiates your appetite (or so I've heard).


I have been eating Bananas, Apples and Plums. I spread the eat 4-6 servings from 7:00am -3:00pm


I'm 5'8 and weigh 175. Was 170 last about a week and half ago. The main probelem is that I due to budget issues I had to get off of my MRP's. Just couldn't afford having 2-3 a day. So I'm starting to lose a lot of good vitamins and carbs in my diet. So there is this fruit vendor right next door to my job, so its cheap and easy to get some fruit. But I guess my body perfers something else.

Blueberries is a great idea though. I will try some of those.


Do you eat your fruit with protein?