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Fruit: Just Eat It?

Hello everyone

Regarding Dr. Berardi’s tip on eating fruit, I think I read in one of his articles that eating more than one piece of fruit per sitting was not good as too much fructose leads to fat gain.

Any thoughts on that?

I know fruit is not only fructose, just makes me wonder.


You can eat several pieces each day and shouldn’t have any problems. If you are on a very strict dieting plan for contest prep or a photo shoot, you would want to avoid fruit. Otherwise, several pieces each day will help get you the fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals you need.

Don’t worry–eat fruit!


Hey guys

I agree with you there… I eat one piece of fruit at every meal.

However my question was how many pieces of fruit PER ONE MEAL.

Thanks for the replies!

I do one meal of frozen fruit a day when I’m gaining weight (4 cups) which is 280 calories. Eating it within 6 hours of your workout (read Massive Eating reloaded) I am guessing should not be a problem.

And if you ever read the glycemic index of fruits…most of the ones I remember, even cherries! are in the 30’s (with white bread being 100)

I can’t survive without fruit, it’s a must have for me. Just eat it and don’t worry!


Fruit is great food! Don’t worry about the fructose as you also get sufficient fiber to carry it out of your system. Better you worry about most man made “food.” Are Twinkies food?

It sounds entirely plausible that more than one piece of fruit may be too much but of course that depends on what fruit and the size of the fruit.

Certain fruits like bananas and raisins have a lot more fructose than, say a granny smith apple,grapefruits strawberries or an apricot.

The greater the amount of fiber in the fruit, the more it will temper the insulin response, so if you’re eating fruits that are high in fiber and relatively lower in sugar, I guess you can eat slightly more, but of course you can only be the judge based on monitoring your own body composition.

Thanks guys!

Keep it to a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. So, if you eat two pieces of fruit (or more) that have a total of 100 grams of carbs, be sure to eat something with 50 grams of protein. I always make sure I have protein with my fruit (and all meals).