Fruit Juice

i know glucose and maltodextrin are ideal carbs postworkout…does grape juice have glucose or solely fructose? are there any NATURAL foods (particularly juices) that have high amounts of glucose or maltodextrin? at college i get alot of choices on my meal plan so at this point in my life grape juice is free and it seems ot be like the best postworkout carb at the moment…is that good enough?

An article this week suggested post-workout pineapple juice.

The problem with most fruit juice, and one I expect you would have with free fuit juice at school, is that it is not REALLY fruit juice. It is from concentrate and LOADED with high fructose corn syrup and such. So it has even more fructose than the Natural fruit.

I would say if you cant buck up and get something like Surge for your PWO shake go with skim milk and some regular old dextrose.

They might even give this to you free as well??? Sugar and skim milk.

Add a dash of salt (sodium) and Creatine and you have an ok post w/o drink, may not be the best tasting thing around or the most optimal, but hey it’ll get the job done to a point until you Gradiate and start make the big bucks.

Then have your fruit, REAL fruit with all the fiber and nutrient GOODNESS in your next whole food meal.

I would really suggest just looking at your budget. If it is important to you I am sure there is something worthless that you could cut out in order to afford Surge. College, HMMM, 1 night at bar or Surge. LOL Even still go to the bar hust opt for tea or water one night a week. You got your Surge.

Ok thats enough. Thinking back on my choices. LOL

Thats just my 2 cc,

Hope it helps,