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fruit juice + cottage cheese?

Adding fruit juice into a milk and cottage cheese based smoothie tends to make it ‘curdle’, due to the juice being acidic.

[not sure that ‘curdle’ is the right term, but you probably get what I mean]

It still tastes great, but the question is:

Does that curdling process in any way devalue the protein content of the smoothie…?

ie does it denature the protein or anything like that?

I’d hate to be drinking these things as a P+C snack only to find that the protein is not available…


I guess the only issue here is you are getting a lot of fructose or shit carbs along with some quality protein and a lot of fat. That doesn’t sound too P+C unless you are using fat free cottage cheese.

It doesn’t sound “PC”… hahahaha.

As far as causing problems with the quality of protein, I’m not sure how that would happen unless the acid in the fruit juice was doing something to it. Since you are probably drinking it immediately, I’m not sure if its a big deal or not.

SLB, do a search on fructose and galactose here on the forum.

I can’t think of a worse body composition combo. Both of the sugars listed above can only be processed in the liver. If liver glycogen is full, it’s immediately converted to triglyceride and stored as subcutaneous fat. Bulking or cutting, I wouldn’t use that combo. And if you’ve read JB’s writings, juice is off the list.


well there was me thinking that it was a relatively healthy combo :-S

I suppose the trick is all in the word ‘relative’, huh!

oh and yeah, it’s fat free cottage cheese…

…but not anymore, smoothies are off the list.

(but they taste so good :slight_smile:

thanks anyway,

ok fruit juice i would say is a nono
but fruit? Im still not sure about, i read forbidden fruit and it seems to say in moderation its good

What giveS?

DA, you’re right about the fruit being okay, but not the juice. There’s enough fiber in fruit and enough water. There are vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients; tons of health benefits. Nothing wrong with a couple of servings of fruit a day. What I hate to see, though, are women who go on a high fruit/detox type of diet, with muscle disappearing because they’re not getting enough protein and subcutaneous fat stores increasing because of the fructose overload.

SLB, switch up the juice for fruit. Even frozen fruit would be okay. Maybe reduce the number of smoothies you drink per week, but keep 'em for the time being. If you hit a weight-loss/body-fat plateau, I’d recommend eliminating them entirely.

Some people here on the forum do well with cottage cheese and others don’t. You’re right that it’s healthy; just maybe not something that’s going to help you achieve the body of your dreams.

Remember, a lot of BB’s cut milk and milk products out of their diet before competition so that they don’t come in soft. That doesn’t mean they cut it out of their diet all year long.

Remember, a lot of BB’s cut milk and milk products out of their diet before competition so that they don’t come in soft. [/quote]

Care to elaborate on why you think this is?