FRUIT its still avoided!

I don’t understand why one wouldn’t just choose fruit for their carbs when dieting instead of zero carbs. In the forbidden fruit article Cy clearly writes that fruit is lipogenic promoting the burning of fat at rest and during exercise. The only carbs that inhibit the burning of fat are glucose which are directly released into the blood stream and stored as muscle glycogen if stores permit. It has been shown that high levels of glycogen inhibit fat burning, but I don’t think that having normal levels of LIVER glycogen for your brain to function while keeping muscle glycogen levels lowered would be any less beneficial for fat loss VS a keto diet. As far as I understand the body will always strive to keep blood glucose level stable either by deaminating protein to meet liver and blood glucose requirements (glucogeneosis). So why not just have a couple of pieces of low GI fruit a day like grapefruit, or an apple, to keep liver and your brain happy inhibiting glucogeneosis and the destruction of your amino acids, avoiding the insulin sensitivity ruiner of ketosis, (still you would be lipogenic, and yet you would still burn fat during exercise and rest. I almost bet that a couple pieces of fruit a day would keep cortisol levels down like eating one piece for breakfast and 1 piece postworkout with glutamine and low carb grow. That way the aminos aren’t turned into carbs. Then once a week refill muscle glycogen like you do on a CKD so performance wouldn’t comprimise. Any thoughts T- MEN EXPERTS? I think we take one bit of information that insulin and carbs inhibit the release of fat, but then we overdo it by throwing the baby out with the bath water and keeping insulin down to low and not eating any carbs except veggies when dieting.


Carbs are not bad! You pointed out one reason why and there are many more. To totally eliminate all carbs is a bad way to diet for sustained weight loss and impairs athletic performance. This was determined in athletes way back in the 60’s through very good research. Still, people would rather limit carb intake to almost zero for hopes of rapid weight loss, which does happen, but for all intents and purposes never remains after returning to normal eating. Just eat some carbs, increase your kcal output, and you will be fine. I think for some reason along the way bodybuilders got scared of cardio. Do some, it won’t kill you. The underlying point is, for sustained weight loss I believe that carbs are necessary. The closer you eat on a diet to the way you eat while maintaining or gaining is the safest bet for sustained weight loss. Unless you are dieting for a bodybuilding contest, you don’t need to limit carbs that much. If you want a six pack you can do it with carbs. Especially if you want to keep that six pack for more than a week or so. Limiting carbs is fine, but total elimination is bad.