Fruit-Free Green Smoothies?

Has anyone got any recipes for fruit-free green smoothies? I.e. smoothies entirely made out of veg that, hopefully, don’t taste too disgusting… (or are at least ‘chuggable’)?

I don’t have a juicer or anything, but I tried putting broccoli in my blender recently because eating a raw head of broccoli takes a long time and just isn’t that pleasant.

If you use broccoli cut off the tops and either eat those raw or cook them and eat them…blending the tops made it really grainy and hard to down. I mixed it with a cookie/sweet flavored protein powder and it wasn’t so bad the second time when I blended the stems only.

I blend broccoli into my shakes a lot, it’s usually impossible to tell. I do add peanut butter though, so it would have a good effect on hiding any taste.

You can do protein and peanut butter type smoothies. Nt sure how well that would work for binding veggies. What’s your purpose? get in green veggies and avoid carbs?

I have a pretty good recipe that tastes decent and packs the veggies but you really need a Vitamix blender to make it smooth. I can’t stand a grainy texture. Ok so here goes…

1/2 cucumber
1 carrot
handful of spinach
small chunk of ginger root
2tbsp chia seeds or flax
1/4 c almonds or 2tbsp almond butter or 1/2 avocado
1 scoop protein ( I prefer Optimum Nutrition Vanilla for this)
1tbsp powdered greens (optional)
dash of almond extract
1/2 -1 cup almond milk plus extra water or ice for consistency

Blend the hell out of it and enjoy. Packs several servings of veggies and makes you poop.

I have a blendtec blender but every evening I throw in the following ( i know it has fruit, sorry, omit the apple) and blend 'er up.

1 cucumber
2 carrots
1 avocado
1/2 bunch of kale
1 small apple
1 chunk of ginger root
1 lemmon (just juice)
add water or crystal light until desired texture is reached.

That is a lot of veggie in one sitting, i even really like the taste of it!

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