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Fruit Flies


Anyone that has seen my "Beat my Caption" threads is aware of the mess in my house.
Within the last month or two though the house has become subject to a massive fruit fly invasion that is becoming exponentially worse! I found about 100 dead flies in the bottom of my fridge and freezer. Now I know the first solution to this problem is to clean my shit up which will be done within the next few weeks after finals and I get back from a trip...the messy room-mate is also no longer living her. I'm also ripping out the carpets and replacing them with laminate flooring. A lot of them might be coming through the dog-door too I'm guessing....
What else can I do? Suggestions....


Toss apple cores and banana peels outside. A year ago I tossed a couple apple cores into my garbage can and didn't think much of it. Soon there were a bunch of fruit flies in my room.


Having a similar problem here at the moment...


Good suggestion. I had a similar situation once with an uneaten box of clementimes....
The problem is that they're in the ENTIRE HOUSE! As I type this there are two dog-fighting above my head and on my computer monitor. Wait ther are three and more bogys incoming.


I was getting a simmilar problem when I was in my last appartment and I found out that it was mostly due to older bananas. Still edible, but getting black spots on them.

Also, we were getting flies and spiders and later found out that our downstairs neighbor had tons of bugs, and there were even more in the basement. The place was infested.

I don't know of a good solution besides keeping fruit sealed, but maybe one of those fly zappers?? I don't know if fruit flys are attracted to them, but it should be fun to watch anyway.


You may want to clean your sink drains (as well as the more obvious feeding and breeding grounds around your house).



Actually I think you can build a device to trap fruit flies in with a couple of 2-liter bottles and some fruit as bait. No clue how though, do a search.


Great suggestion! That page is great!


Roll a sheet of paper into a 45 degree cone with about a quarter-inch opening and tape it off. Then set that into the top of a 2-liter bottle with the top cut off and a piece of fruit in it, and tape around the edge.


Do you have a lot of house plants? If so, what you have may not be fruit flies, but fungus gnats. They live in the soil and can be quite a mess. To control them, let the soil dry out better between waterings and don't keep it too moist. You could also try denching the soil with an insecticide, but I never recommend that for indoor plants.

Gojira (Master Gardener)


We had problems with flies, regular house flies (here in UK) because the neighbours had piles of rubbish and dog excrement stacked up and every time the environmental health came they just went back to their old ways again. Nightmare, so I understand your predicament.

Fly strips are the best way to contain the amount in your house, of course those bastards flying round your ears at night is a nightmare for getting a good nights sleep let alone if they crawl in your ear or something.


I had a similar problem with fruit flies once. I eat a lot of fruit and naturally this was an offshoot of that.

I placed mushed banana, grape juice and oranges inside my microwave and left the door open. I came back about one hour later and it looked like a fruit fly convention. I then carefully closed the door and turned on the Microwave for 3:00.

Fruit Fly problem gone!

You might say I chose the nuclear option.

Good luck


No plants....


you could also buy a certain kind of nematodes that kill them in the soil...

Orion (Nobody hurts my babys before they have buds)


Now that is how a T-Man handles pests. lol


I suggest you begin breeding them for the sake of science.

Clearly they've already adapted to a pretty significant environmental stressor if they cohabitate with you and Foopa.