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Hey all,
I'm kind of being a lazy bastard here, but i did a brief search and couldn't find anything definitive.

Has JB ever spoken about fruit and fat combinations as good/bad/both?

Like everyone else here, i'm well aware of F+P, C+P meals, and that whole philosophy.

However, in the 7 Habits he suggests fruit at any meal, while also recommending healthy fats throughout the day. Logic would dictate that at some point you will be having fat and fruit in the same meal.

Now of course when i say fat, i mean natural peanut butter, almond butter, whole walnuts, almonds, peanuts, etc....not a block of cheese.

The combos i'm talking about are like an apple and some nat. peanut butter. Or a banana and some walnuts....etc.

Has anyone heard him discuss this or does anyone have any thoughts?

We're basically talking about simple sugars combined with fats (and of course fiber) so it seems like it would be a no-no.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


FRUIT is C and fat is F so if you get very anal with the combos then NO they should not be mixed.

That said big difference in say fish oil or walnuts and an apple and a doughnut. I eat fruit and good fats.

You may watch it with some higher GI/II fruits like banana.


Wrong. JB clearly states fruits are anytime foods, a change from his previous ME guidelines. He's largely abandoned the P+C and P+F nomenclature. You can eat veggies, fruits, and veggies with fat and protein at ANYTIME. Starchy carbs are only after workouts.

PWO meals have a "Zone" style macronutrient split (30% of calories from PRO and FAT, 40% from CHO). Pick up Gourmet Nutrition for the basics, or Precision Nutrition for the whole enchilada.


Good question, I was wondering the same myself.


I'm not so sure he's completely abandoned ME. I believe his recent articles were for people who want to create their own nutrition program not necessarily for gaining mass while staying lean.