Fruit and Vegetable Indigestion

Any ideas?

I’m currently following a diet as prescribed by Lonnie Lowery - namely a wholegrain breakfast and simple carbs post-workout, and protein or protein and fat at all other meals.

However, when I eat vegetables (cauliflower, brocolli, peas, cabbage, green beans or leaks) or fruit (apples, oranges or grapes) I have digestive problems and end up with a nasty eyestrain, bloating and gas 1-2 hours after eating the veg or nasty bloating (a VERY hollow feeling) after eating 1-2 hours after eating fruit. Although, the symptoms do not appear if I eat some complex carbs with the meal.

I know from JB’s acid/base article that both of these food groups are alkaline - maybe this is a factor.

Does anyone know of a possible solution? - preferably not involving the omission of fruit & veg from my diet or eating complex carbs with each meal (doctor’s advice).

Thanks in advance for any input.

How much fiber were you getting before you changed your diet? A radical increase in fiber intake will create gastrointestinal distress. Increases should be gradual, around 5 grams at a time.

…hope that helps.

Well, before dieting I probably ate more vegetables, fruit and fibrous carbs than I do now.

I don’t think it’s the fiber causing the problems as I have a whole grain breakfast which causes no problems and I supplement occasionally with psylium husks and milled flaxseeds and these cause no problems.

Hi Savo

I have the same problems you describe (That ‘hollow’ feeling just sucks doesn’t it!) but never really did much research on it or sought any help! I didnt even really think of it as indigestion - I guess I just thought it was me.

My way around the problem is pretty simple: 1) I dont eat fruit and or vegetables by themselves (that is I always have something more solid with them) and 2) I only eat small amounts at any meal.

Sorry I cant be of more help - interested to hear whether you get any useful information on this problem.


Well, my first thought was that it was fibre that was to blame but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Where fruit is concerned, I thought it was the hormone ghrelin that was responsible - this is released in response to fructose (in a similar way to insulin following glucose intake), and has the opposite effect, ie. increasing hunger. I don’t seem to have any bloating when I consume fruit with other carbs.

I have been thinking that the vegetable intollerance may be due to cellulose since I seem to have the same digestion problems regardless of the type of vegetables consumed.

Maybe try taking a digestive enzyme like bromelain or eating pineapple or papaya (for the papain) to help move things along? I know I can’t go without them or I feel bloated afterwards.

Hope that helps.