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Fruit and Veg Intake While Cutting

Do you guys calculate your fruit and veg intake? Is it worth it? Im currently at around 13% bodyfat trying to drop down to 10 or even lower. I calculate my macros and calories.

If I eat at around 400-500 calorie deficit, and train 4-6 times per week with 3-4 cardio days, do I need to worry about the low amount of calories I get from fruit and veg? Not lots of fruit because I know they are high in sugars, I like to have, a few pineapple chunks with strawberries, or a banana with an apple preworkout. Not lots of fruit. But when it comes to veggies do you really need to weigh out every last piece of asparagus and spinach leaf?? If I was not training or doing any sort of cardio I could see the added calories being an issue, but since I am so active do I need to worry about my veg intake?

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I personally don’t.
But I’m commenting cause I’m interested to see what others say.

Veggies - no (assuming fibrous, not starchy)

Fruit - sometimes, depending on how low carb I’m trying to go.

If I were you I’d sub out the fruit for a small amount of white rice. It’s a better carb source (a lot of the sugar from fruit goes to your liver, not muscles) for exercise purposes.

The difference is likely not huge, but when I cut I do it on brutally low carbs and calories so I like to get the most out of what I eat.

If the fruit helps you stick to the diet then by all means keep it in.

Yes You Do need to calculate Fruit Calories. OMG like do you even know how many calories are in a banana or apple. Damn son.