Fruit and Tuna Questions

I’ve read lots of diet threads and websites but when it comes to fruit is there anything you need beware of so it dosnt have a negative affect your diet (weight loss)?

And with tin tuna does it matter if its in bring or oil?

Tuna needs to be in water. And fruit is a good carb if you manipulate it in your diet.

Tuna isn’t bad in oil, but the calorie difference is astonishing.

Unless you’re trying to get in extra calories, buy your tuna in water.


Fruit’s good after a workout and sometimes for breakfast. I try not to eat too much acidic fruit, but bananas and apples are in my everyday menu. My canned tuna shall never come in anything but water, just feels fresher to me, though its canned… Without it being in tuna salad I really have to just choke it down. I kinda take it like pills, put it in my mouth, chew it a few times, swig some water and swish around and swallow… probably a little too much info.

nothing make a bro feel leaner than tearin into a can of tuna!

tins of drained tuna + 2 egg whites

blend with water


Easiest way and loads of protein and virtually no carbs.