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Fruit and Fat Loss


What would be the high numbers for grams of carbohydrates by means of fructose for weight loss? I make shakes and always put an orange, strawberries, and pineapple.


When do you have these shakes? Strawberries are fairly low in sugars. What else are in these shakes?


That obviously depends entirely on which diet you are on. Low carb or medium/high carb.


Do you honestly think there is a single range for all people?

How is this a serious question for a person who's been a member of this site for 10 years.

You eat according to your caloric needs. And you refine your caloric needs based on the macronutrient ratio that best suits you body.


I would just have a piece of fruit in the morning and not really think about it more than that...


Someone else also posted a similarly stupid question who had been a member for 6 or so years recently. Wasted time.