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Fruit After Workout?

My question is kind of two part so here goes.

I know it is important to consume carbs post workout, but would fruit be as good of a choice as the maltodextrin/dextrose combo that is suggested?

I eat an orange or kiwi fruit after lifting followed by my PWO shake which I make with milk and frozen berries - no other carbs. I know fruit & milk have low GI but both have high Insulin index, so that should give me enough of an insulin spike, right? The second part of my question - would these carbs act as an adequate transport for creatine? I try to limit refined sugars in my diet so im not keen on adding malto/dextrose if I dont have to.

Ive searched through the site but cant find anything that answers this question, so if anyone has any thoughts it would be appreciated.

Before I started purchasing Surge I would mix both fruit and powerade powder into my milk and whey post workout shake. It seemed to do the trick as for recovery, but I as others will tell you a homemade PWO shake will do, but it won’t be near as effective as a formulated mix like Surge. Since you’re taking this in PWO I wouldn’t worry about the simple sugars effecting body comp in a negative way. I guess keeping them to PWO is limiting them.

My old shake: 2 scoops whey, 2 cups skim milk, 1 banana, 1 scoop powerade powder, plus creatine. That worked for me for about a year, then I just started dropping money on Surge. Hope that helps.

I guess I should add that fruit won’t spike insulin as high as the simple sugars thus perhaps not accelerating recovery. But anything is better than nothing!!!