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Frozen Veggies Bad for Your Health?


I remember reading an article about how certain frozen vegetables have a particular ingredient in them that make 'em detrimental to your health...I wanted to know if any members out there know what article I'm talking about or better yet know the ingredient I'm talking about.
Any info. on this would be very helpful. Thank You.




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"The bugs have been found in the intestines of children diagnosed with Crohn's disease"

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Does anybody know the specific T-Nation where they discuss a particular ingredient in SOME frozen veggies that is bad for you???
I only ask this b/c I'm pretty sure the ingredient T-Nation talks about isn't the ingredient "map".

...The ingredient I'm searching for is a certain chemical deliberately put into CERTAIN (not all) frozen veggies.


Lot of veggies come from Mexico. I hear they crap and pee in the fields. Frozen or fresh, I wash them well!


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