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Frozen Test From Delivery

Never had this happen. Wasn’t thinking about weather ordered my test cyp. It’s been cold as shit lately. Got my vials they look like sludge kinda frozen. Can I just let them thaw out? Or do I gotta boil it? Are they fucked now?

I would put them in some boiling water for a while. They should be fine after that, but I am guessing they crashed a bit getting that cold. PIP will likely be brutal if you try to use as is.

I hold mine over a candle flame when they come a little crystallized

I put them in hot water pan… they seemed to liquidity pretty quick… took about 5min to turn into clear yellowish oil… will let it sit at room temp a few hrs b4 I pin it

Heat in a pan with small amount of water , then wrap in a towel to let them cool down slowly. It should change back to original color and consistency, during heating process pick up vial and “twirl” contents around a few times

Just some extra FYI. If vials crash then even though we reheat them in a hot water bath, they never fully melt like that. I would make a habit of heating the vial before every shot just to help keep it as “melted” as possible and evenly mixed.

If this was test enanthate it would be a different story but cypionate has such a higher melting point you can’t really get it that hot while in the vial via a hot water bath.

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Would the freezing & thawing ruin it? I guess never thought of it before. This is first time a shipment got froze

I found the following on one manufacturer’s website regarding their testosterone C. They don’t specifically mention the product freezing but refer to the product being exposed to any temperature below the recommended 20°C to 25°C (68°F to 77°F):

*Pfizer Kalamazoo site has investigated the product complaints on Depo®-
Testosterone regarding crystallization of contents in 100 and 200 mg/mL vials. The
investigation has found that although crystals have been observed, the formulation of
crystals does not impact patient safety, efficacy, or product quality when the US
Product Insert (USPI) instructions are followed prior to administration.

Depo-Testosterone 100 mg/mL is a very highly concentrated and 200 mg/mL is a

supersaturatedd sterile solution for injection, comprised of cottonseed oil,
testosterone cypionate and benzyl alcohol. The high concentrations of active
ingredient makes the product very susceptible to crystallization when exposed to
temperatures lower than the ranges recommended on the label [20°C to 25°C
(68°F to 77°F)].

Investigation at the Kalamazoo site has concluded that the product meets all
registered product specifications when the USPI and product packaging
instructions are followed prior to administration.

Potency testing from these lots confirms two key product quality attributes:
product can be warmed, shaken, and the crystals re-dissolved, when
prepared according to instructions found in the product insert and on the
vial label; and,
potency of the retain and complaint samples confirm product potency
at the labeled strength.
This product attribute is addressed with specific instructions within the USPI, on
the product vial label, and also on product carton.

The USPI states:
“Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and
discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit.

Warming and shaking the vial should redissolve any crystals that may have
formed during storage at temperatures lower than recommended.”

In addition, the current approved vial label states (see Appendix):
“Warming and shaking the vial should redissolve any crystals that may have
formed during storage at temperatures lower than recommended.”

Additional evaluation by Pfizer Global Manufacturing and Quality Operations
concluded that there was no impact on efficacy, quality or safety of the product
based upon confirmation of strict adherence to internal protocols and procedures.

Based on our testing and a medical and safety evaluation of complaint samples
submitted to us, distributed lots of Depo-Testosterone continue to be acceptable for
use, even with the presence of crystals, when used as directed in the product insert.*

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I’ve had viles that were sludgey at room temperature. I assumed it was bad and just threw it out rather than risk it. I heated it with tap water and it liquified, but went back to sludge at room temperature. Could it have been ok?

The act of freezing and thawing in it self should not damage it BUT that act does tend to draw in moisture and that invites bacteria growth. Now in the process of freezing that would also promote the hormone going back into crystalline form. You don’t want to inject tiny crystals into muscle. That is the reason winstrol depot hurts it is still in tiny crystals.
I would treat the vial as if it just crashed and simply heat it in a hot water bath. That’s where you get a sauce pan with about an inch of water and heat it. Stand the vial in it and keept swirling the vial as it heats. That should allow you to get it back into a clear state and hold that clear state at room temp. If that doesn’t work then you can try the same but in cooking oil Wich will allow you to go past boiling temp but be careful. The air in the vial will heat and increase the pressure and you could cause it to rupture. Now if you can’t get it to go clear like that then you probably have moisture in the vial, I doubt that has happened but anything is possible when stuff contracts under freezing temps.

It could have, you might not have been heating it enough. Also you could have just gotten a batch that didn’t have enough solvents, that is if it was something like tren dhb, NPP, winny, basically anything with a high melting point.

I homebrew and sometimes a batch looks good then I let it sit and like a week later it crashes. So far I have only had that happen with dhb and winstrol in oil.

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You also don’t need to melt cristalls to make them soluble. Solids dissolve not because they melt but because dissolution is energetically more favorable than staying solid. Or did somebody here need to melt table salt to dissolve it in water?

Also I found this on drugbank: melting point (°C) 98-104ºC
But did not confirm as of now

That is the melting point of enanthate.

Enanthate supposedly melts at 35-39° C

Cypionate in a study from 1973 melts at around the boiling point of water 100° C

I know it says C but my head saw F and enanthate melts around 98f. I’m from the states and regardless of everything scientific being celsius I can’t help but think in fahrenheit.

Not sure about boiling points but after setting vials in hot water pan they liquified. About 3hrs latter pinned 1cc of 250 cyp… feels fine 3 days later… no real pip
Feels like a normal trt dose nothing crazy. Without pinning 500 plus I can’t say how strong. I got a high tolerance for test. Usually need 500 or more to be crazy horny, aggressive, or high energy in gym.
This was just stuff I got for cruising