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Frozen Olive Oil Still Okay?


Hey everybody
They other day I got the bright idea of putting olive oil in my fridge and it ended up freezing. Do you guys think it is still safe to use


does olive oil actually freeze??? I didn't think it did, at least good olive oil.


Yes its still safe. Even when oil goes 'rancid' its still safe, just the taste and some health benefits are lost.


I did not know you could freeze olive oil


I didn't think you could either...I thought the good fats, like the poly's and mono's kept it from actually freezing, at most I thought it just gets really cloudy.


I doubt it actually froze, especially if just in the fridge. It likely solidified, which will do nothing to affect the quality.


For a thorough answer,



Not to be nit-picky, but solidifying is the same as freezing. Butter is mainly saturated fat, which has a higher freezing temp than the unsaturated fat in olive oil, thus it is "frozen."


Actually you can freeze butter. It gets a lot harder than it would in your refrigerator. Just because it is solid does not mean that the density will not change if you decrease the temperature. Ex. water freezes at 32 degrees. But it will be denser at -20 degrees


Olive oil has some saturated fat that becomes solid at colder temps.