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Frozen Milk


Any opinions on freezing milk in a shaker bottle at night to take to work the next day?

I have a 30 minute drive to work and I normally go to the gym right after, then drive 30 minutes again. Just thought I might have a protein shake at work or right after the workout.

Have any of you done this?


Why milk? Water + protein = proteinshake

Less lactose, more practical.


i agree with this, freezing some milk just seems like a pain in the ass


To answer your question, yes. just make sure it's melted enough that you can shake the hell out of it and get a slushy consistency at the very least. Otherwise the fat and water will be dispersed at different times and you will finish with a super watery drink. Or you could get a thermos, those things last forever and work for hot and cold drinks, even the cheapest ones work well as long as they are double walled (plastic or stainless, though stainless usually makes a better seal).