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Frozen Meat Past Expiration Date?

I have a friend whose Dad manages a meat Department at a Grocery Store.

He brought over a TON of frozen meat that expired (on the label) a few months ago… It has been frozen the entire time since before it expired…

Is it safe to eat??

Normally I wouldn’t even consider it, but Its FREE protein!!

Frozen before the expiration date. It’s probably safe. Might not fit the standard to sell, at his market, but perfectly good to eat.

I buy meat in bulk and sometimes it’s 6-7os. old in the freezer before we get to it.

[quote]fedorov91 wrote:
Is it safe to eat??

The problem with meat that has been frozen too long is not safety (i.e., food borne illness caused by bacteria). The cold temperatures will help keep bacteria in the meat from multiplying.

The problem is freezer burn. Freezer burn is where the surface of the meat appears light-colored and dried out. It’s the result of moisture on the surface of the meat evaporating. While a meat with freezer burn is safe to eat, the quality is lower. The meat is tougher and less flavorful.

thats why its always good to invest in a foodsaver :slight_smile:

I buy meat like this all the time. It will already be frozen at the store and discounted very low. I buy a shitload and keep it frozen until time to eat it.

The way I get around the freezer burn problem is BBQ it. I use smoke pellets to give it tons of flavor and it makes a great tasting meal. I think that this is the poor man’s way to eat like a king.

I like to braise meat that’s been frozen for too long. Braising is cooking an item in a liquid that only covers about one third to one half of the item.

The pot that you cook in has a lid on top, and is cooked in the oven in low heat until the meat is tender. The liquid can be wine, beef stock or water or a combination of all three. I add chopped onions, garlic, carrots and celery as well as herbs (thyme & rosemary) and salt & pepper.

I usually cook it in the oven at 275 degrees for 2 1/2 hours. I’ll braise the meat on Sunday, let it sit in the pot in the refrigerator Sunday night and reheat it Monday through Friday for dinner. Cheap cuts of meat are the best as they have the most flavor.

[quote]fedorov91 wrote:
Normally I wouldn’t even consider it, but Its FREE protein!![/quote]

You should consider it. You just never had that experience before. How do you think people who kill deer and then freeze pounds of meat can eat from it for a year? If you are sure WHEN it was frozen (why many people date freezer items) and that it was frozen before it had a chance to “go bad”, there is nothing wrong with it…assuming the freezer it was kept in never had a power failure.

bought organic beef mince last week, it said freeze for 1 month only. this may be some twisted UK rule, but blowing hot gravy out of your arse for weeks won’t help with any of your gains if it has gone off

Thaw it and eat it immediately after. It hasn’t gone bad.