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Frozen MAG-10


I've noticed an interesting thing - MAG-10, when frozen, seems to collect a white precipitate in the capsules. When the capsules are brought to room temperature, the small amount of white precipitate remains - it does not "dissolve back" into the capsule.

What is the white precipitate and is the effect of MAG-10 any lower due to this occurrence?


I'd actually have to see it to get a better understanding, but whether it's the excipients or the androgen precipitating out, I don't see it being a huge problem after ingestion, especially considering if the product is many years past the expiration date.


First, I attached a photo.

Second, I got a little confused when you said, "especially if the product is many years PAST its expiration date." In such case, the product would be ineffective right? Did you mean to say before the expiration date?

In any case, here the product is well before its expiration date.


Great! Thanks! This helps a great deal.

I doubt this is the androgen forming the precipitate simply because the amount is too small. It's likely one of the preservatives.

As for my previous comment, sorry I wasn't clear. I was referring to the idea that if indeed it was the androgen precipitating out of solution, it could decrease oral bioavailability, but when compared to the alternative of having decreased potency due to degradation of the parent compound, due to not freezing it once the product is well past the expiration date (that's not to say completely ineffective at all, however), it's not such a big deal.

Hope that clears things up.