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Frozen Fruit in Oatmeal?


Hey all,

Okay, fresh blueberries are falling out of season now, so I had to turn to the frozen variety to put into my oatmeal. Bought the only brand Giant had, which happened to be Giant Brand, what a coincidence.

Anyway, to make a long story short, these blueberries suck. Granted, I expected a fall-off, because obviously frozen will never compare to fresh, but I mean, these things tasted like they were frozen during the Johnson administration. They were more like nasty blueberry juice filled sacks than actual fruit.

Anybody have a particular brand/variety of frozen fruit they put in oatmeal or anything else that they like? Maybe something that Costco carries?


Yes costoc has BIG bag of Wylers I hink blue berries and now a trhee berrie blend of Blueb raspberry and I think black berri they are good./ Also they have straw berries. Cheap for the amount you get as well.


Costco also has big bags of dried blueberries for a moderate price.


Thanks you 2, off to Costco I go...


My local grocery carries a wide variety of Dole frozen fruit. Never had a problem with it.


It was probably just a bad batch. I have done frozen blueberries in my oats for years and they are cheap, quick, easy, never spoil.


I must say I have never gone wrong with frozen raspberries, and cost-wise it's about the same as frozen blueberries.


if you have one nearby, Trader Joes carries a nice mix of frozen blue/rasp/blackberries and another frozen bag with those three + cherries.


Just a warning to those reading; frozen berries may not be available in your area!

Philll sucked me into this in DC and got me hooked (first one's always free, right?).

I head back to Houston and can't get frozen berries ANYwhere!

Fortunately I can get them in Ontario (where do you think frozen foods come from?).


Actually, frozen berries can be healthier than fresh, because they are frozen within a few hours of coming off the fields. Whereas "fresh" may have sit around for days.

You probably got a bad batch or a bad brand.

I buy a local brand here in the Seattle area. I usually get the berry mix, which always has blueberries in it. Although all berries have good stuff in them, blueberries are the current super-star of the berry world, packed full of more antioxidants than just about anything else.


Frozen Mango's are good.


Trader Joe's rocks for frozen food. I got a bag of frozen blueberries there and they're huge and plump. I get frozen mango chunks, frozen peach slices, frozen berry mix (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries). I also get frozen spinach and broccoli there.


I second Trader Joe's for frozen fruits. Excellent quality, good price.