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Frozen Flameout Looks Different


that frozen Flameout looks a little different than before? I'd say for the past 2 months that the frozen ones look lighter in color. But it wasn't until today when a client said it looks "cloudier" than before that I figured I would ask others on T-Nation.


Is it ok to keep Flameout in the freezer? Just curious, I notice that when I do, I don't get the fish oil burps.


that's why I put it in there. And yes, it's fine to do so




Just out of interest when you guys say you keep your Flameout in the freezer, do you mean that you freeze a bottle and when you need it you take them out of the freezer put it in the fridge and take the capsules when you need them? Or do you keep the bottle in the freezer and take what you need for the day and use them and leave the bottle in the freezer?

The reason I ask is because I take my caps to work with me and I usually just put them in a bottle and leave it in my bag?

Also I have a few bottles left with an expiration date of October 2008 (stored in the fridge) - do any of you know whether they are still ok to use? (Bill Roberts maybe you could chip in here please!)



I keep them in the freezer all the time while I'm using them


Yes, they'd still be fine. Each 10 degrees C slows reactions by about a factor of 2, roughly speaking. So as a rough figure being in the refrigerator extends life by probably about 4 times. Besides this, the expiration dates are conservative.


Thanks Guys


Cool thanx JF