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Has anyone tried this stuff? What are your thoughts?

I thought the vanilla was good, it could be whipped or something to make it thinner…Maybe more mcts??

Trying my first batch (chocolate) out right now. The stuff tastes great to me. I’ve been using it for a last meal before bed. Bought it for it’s healthy fats/quality protein/zero carbs,sugar content. Up until now I was using ff cottage cheese at night but I’m going to see if this makes a difference. It’s much lower in sodium than the cottage cheese.
I guess only time will tell at this point if it will help to aid in increasing lbm w/o adding additional bf (my goal).

It’s just oils mixed with protein. Nothing revolutionary. Stir Grow! or any low carb powder up with healthy oils and don’t add any water. Same dif. Just a gimmick with all that “frosting” talk.

waaaaaaay outrageously priced. i was gonna buy it before i found out the price.

It sounded a little gimmicky; thanks for the responses. Is it something that you can easily take with you? I am looking for a convience item when I am on the road. Something instead of the protein bars.

MaxMeal Bars from MaxiMuscle are good. 220Kcal, 25g Protien, low carb and low fats. Bloody lovely tasting too. They are also brining out “Cyclone” bars too, which are similar with slightly higer carbs, but also include Creatine and HMB. I think it`s about time BioTest brought out some “quick fix” protien/creatine stuff, for people that drive/work and cant get to a blender etc :slight_smile: