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Easy question easy answer. I juiced in the early 90’s and all this talk about class 1 and class 2 was not the talk of the time however I must say I am enjoying readig all of this info on the forum. How do you determine how much to front load on a particular drug? I am just curious really, I dont read T-mag as I once did or check out the forum as my job and family life require a great deal of time. I know you dont give a shit about the latter. Anywho do you frontload them all or is dependent on length of the cycle or what. I always like to read what the latest hype is. I say hype because in 5-10 years this may very well become old school theroy and something new and fresh be all the buzz.
When I quit juicing a couple of years ago 3 week cycles were the new cool way to go then not too too long ago I read an article in T-mag saying that no cycle should be any less than 6 weeks and I cant remember exactly why so Im not going to type maybes. I get most of my nutrition and training and supplemetn info from tmag, and I use there supplements whenever I buy, it is very funny though to see how things become the Holy Grail only to change with the wind when something better sounding comes along.
Im not trying to be rude or incult any of you guys cause you def. got me beat on the knowledge these days I would just like to know what you all think.

“Frontloading is the practice of taking a larger amount of a given drug in order to elevate blood levels rapidly in order to achieve the desired effect at a more rapid pace.” -cy wilson

a frontload will obviously depend on the half life of the drug used. if your using a fast acting oral such as winstrol there is really no need to frontload as your blood levels will rise quickly and you can maintain that same level with frequent dosing.

however with a long acting drug such as test cyp or enethate, you want to get your blood levels high as soon as possible. so basically you double your weekly dosage, so that the first week will not be a waste of gear, so to speak. you want your first week to be just as effective as the subsequent weeks.

as far as the “hip” trends of the day are concerned, we are really at the mercy of science and personal experimentation. unfortunatley there isnt a whole lot of real world aas data out there. what we know today about aas is certainly a lot more than what we knew 20 years ago, however in 20 years from now we may look back in total disbelief at our practices of today. so basically read as much as you can and ask the advice of the vets here on the forums and try to make as educated of a decision as possible.

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I usually take orals like(D-bol or Anadrol) for the first 2-3wks into a cycle and get immediate reslults. I notice that if I take a 1 shot a week of test I don’t see the mass until about 2-3wks making the onset of injectable test a perfect timing tool. For the exception of testosterones like prop. and susp. etc.
I did have a crazy buddy that would frontload and take a shot of sostenon every day for two weeks. He said it worked for him because of the blend of test in contained???some fast onset some slow. kinda like protein blends like, calcium casienate slow, whey fast.

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This website really helped me out, on the frontloading question. You can tweak the numbers and check your results prior to any cycle.